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Construction of Bridges

This note covers the following topics: Stone-in arch masonry, Steel - in girder or box-section constructed in steel plates and standard sections, Steel – truss constructed of standard sections, Reinforced Concrete – in arch or spanned forms, Tensioned RC – in various forms, Precast – mainly in box-section girder.

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Bridge Construction and Deck Repair

This guide explains the following topics: Basic Bridge Terms, Bridge Plans, Construction Controls and Layout, Structure Excavation, Foundation Piling, Forms, Falsework, and Reinforcement, Concrete Placement, Bearings and Structural Members, Bridge Decks, Bridge Deck Repair.

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Building Technology Materials and Construction

This note offers an introduction to the history, theory, and construction of basic structural systems as well as an introduction to energy issues in buildings. It emphasizes basic systematic and elemental behavior, principles of structural behavior, and analysis of individual structural elements and strategies for load carrying. Topics covered includes: Introduction to Sustainable Design Issues, Architecture Structures, Active Statics, Exterior Envelopes, Masonry, Metals, Concrete.

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Building materials and Construction

This note explains the following topics: Functions Of Buildings, Role Of Material In Construction, Concrete Material, Concrete Production, Concrete Production Pumping, Placing, Concrete Production Curing, Cement: Hydration, Cement and Cementations Material, Fresh Concrete.

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Structural Drafting Lecture Notes

This note explains the following topics: Typical Structural Drafting Department, Drawing-Checking-Correcting and Revising Processes, Introduction to Structural Drafting, Product Fabrication and Shipping, Structural Connectiors, Structural Steel Framing Plan, Structural Steel Sections, Structural Steel Connection Details.

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Engineering Drawing

This lecture note has been prepared with the primary aim of alleviating the problems encountered in the teaching of Engineering Drawing course and in minimizing discrepancies prevailing among the different teaching and training health institutions. It can also be used as a reference material for professional sanitarians.

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Lecture Note On Civil Engineering Materials and Construction

This lecture note covers the following topics: Brick, Cement, Concrete, Arches, Cavity Wall, Stairs, Fire Resistive Construction, Plastering, Damp prevention, Types of doors and windows, Painting and decoration, Glazing, Repair of Building, Stone and Timber.

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Building materials and construction

This note will develop a student in recognizing the materials to be used for the Construction work. Topics covered includes: Lintel And Arches, Types of Roofs and  Roofing materials, Doors and Windows, Stairs, Plastering And Painting, Formwork And Scaffolding, Formwork Details For RCC Column, Beams And Floors, Shoring And Under Pinning, Prefabrication Construction.

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Concrete Engineering and Technology

This note covers the following topics: Constituents of concrete, Admixtures in concrete mineral and chemical, Hydration of cement, Basic properties of concrete, Proportioning of concrete mixes, Pores and porosity in concrete.

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Design of Concrete Structures

This note covers the following topics: Methods of Analysis and Design, and Properties of Concrete and Steel, Philosophies of Design by Limit State Method, Limit State of Collapse - Flexure, Doubly Reinforced Beams, Flanged Beams, Shear, Bond, Anchorage, Development Length and Torsion, Limit State of Serviceability, Reinforced Concrete Slabs, Staircases, Compression Members, Foundations - Theory and Design, Yield Line Analysis for Slabs, Tension Members, Redistribution of Moments, Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures.

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Advanced Hydraulics

This note covers the following topics: Various classifications of open channel flows, Flow classifications and velocity distribution, Pressure distribution, Equation of continuity and energy, Specific energy and critical flow, Energy, momentum and specific force, Computation of critical flow, Critical flow computations, uniform flow.

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Hydraulics and Hydrology Course Manual

This note covers the following topics: The Washington State Department of Transportation

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Lecture Notes on Steel Structures Design and Drawing

This note covers the following topics: Materials, Making of iron and steel, Types of structural steel, Mechanical properties of steel, Concepts of plasticity, Yield strength, Design of compression members, Design of Beams, Plastic moment , Design of eccentric connections with brackets, End beam connections, Web angle, Unstiffened and stiffened seated connections, Design of welded plate Girders, Optimum depth, Design of main section, Design of end bearing, stiffness bearing and intermediate stiffness.

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Steel Making Lecture Notes

Objective this note has been to provide adequate knowledge on steelmaking to you, such that you can appreciate the reasons of this subject in present context, understand its wide knowledge base, and then, think that how developed the subject is and how difficult it is really to make further improvements.

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Surveying Notes by NPTEL

This note covers the following topics: Introduction to surveying and Mapping, Measurements and Errors, Measurement of Horizontal distance, Measurement of Vertical Distance, Representation of Vertical Distance, Measurement of Relative Direction of Line, Measurement of Horizontal and Vertical Distance Simultaneously, Measurement of Absolute Direction, Control Survey, Location of Details and Route Survey.

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Introduction to Surveying

Surveying is the process of determining the relative position of natural and manmade features on or under the earth’s surface, the presentation of this information either graphically in the form of plans or numerically in the form of tables, and the setting out of measurements on the earth’s surface. Topics covered includes: Survey Control, Introduction to Levelling, Level Traversing - Rise and Fall Method, 5 Level Traversing - Height of Collimation Method, Adjustment of the Automatic Level, Misclosure and Adjustment of Level Traverses, Level Set-Out, Errors in Levelling, Traditional Distance Measurement, Electronic Distance Measurement, The Theodolite, Control Traverse, Detail Surveys, Level Sections, Pegging and Levelling a Section of Road, Road Construction, Areas of Regular and Irregular Figures, Cross-Section Areas, Volumes, Setting Out Distances, Set-Out Surveys, Setting Out Batter Stakes.

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Advanced Structural Analysis

This note is essentially a course which is matrix analysis of structures and then we will do axial elements first, they are truss elements both plane trusses and space trusses. Then we will look at beams, grids, plane and space frames, and we will also look at second order effects and elastic instability.

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Lecture Notes On Structural Design

This note covers the following topics: Properties of concrete and reinforcing steel, Design of doubly reinforced beams, Design of T-and L-beams, Design of one way and two way slabs, Design of staircases, Design of short and long columns with axial and eccentric loading, design of isolated column footing, Design principle of masonry structures: Brick and stone masonry, Design of masonry short and long walls, columns and retaining walls.

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