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This section contains free e-books and guides on file system research papers, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

file system research papers Books
Online Books
GMail Filesystem (GMailFS)
Oracle Clustered Filesystem (OCFS)
The Google Filesystem
HFS Plus Volume Format
Ivy A Read/Write Peer to Peer File System
Joliet File System for MacOS
Journal File Systems
Mac OS X Ext2 Filesystem
Minimal Partition Table Specification
Mnemosyne Peer to Peer Steganographic Storage
OpenAFS for Mac OS X
OpenAFS User Guide
Partition Rescue Howto
Partition Types Howto
RAIF Redundant Array of Independent Filesystems
RTEMS Filesystem Design Guide
Rubberhose transparently and deniably encrypting disk data
Scalability in the XFS File System
Separating Key Management from File System Security
Soft Updates A Solution to the Metadata Update Problem in File Systems
Soft Updates A Technique for Eliminating Most Synchronous Writes in the Fast File System
StegFS A Steganographic File System for Linux
The CODA File System
The Design and Implementation of Elastic Quotas A System for Flexible File System Management
The Programmer's File Format Collection (Wotsit)
The Vinum Volume Manager
Toward a Compatible Filesystem Interface
Tracefs A File System to Trace Them All
Usenetfs A Stackable File System for Large Article Directories
Writing Stackable Filesystems
A Stackable Unification File System
Stackable File Systems as a Security Tool
Kernel Support for Stackable File Systems
FiST Stackable File System Language and Templates
Versatile File System Tracing with Tracefs
Versatility and Unix Semantics in Namespace Unification
Wide area Cooperative Storage with CFS
XFS A High Performance Journaling Filesystem
A Cooperative File System
A Toolkit for User Level File Systems
A Versatile and User Oriented Versioning File System
Access Control Lists for the Self Certifying Filesystem
Accurate and Efficient Replaying of File System Traces
Adding Secure Deletion to Your Favorite File System
Avfs An On Access Anti Virus File System
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
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