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This section contains free e-books and guides on Business, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Business Books
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Business Flow System

PDF | 273 Pages | English
This book explains the following topics: The Nature and Components of Business, Environment of Business System, Sole Proprietorship and Partnership, Joint Stock Company, Measure of size and factor determining size, Optimum size, the tendency towards larze size, Shareholders, Board of Directors, Chief Executive and Managing Director, Meetings and Resolutions, Winding Up Process, Business Combination and Rationalisation, Public Utilities, Nature and Principles of Management, Functions of Management.

Business Environment Self Instructional Material

PDF | 1961 Pages | English
Business Environment encompasses all those factors that affect a company's operations, and includes customers, competitors, stakeholders, suppliers, industry trends, regulations, other government activities, social and economic factors and technological developments. Topics covered includes: Legal environment and external factors influencing Business environment. International Business Environment and challenges, Indian Economic Systems - Assessing current state of business environment in India, Economic planning with reference to public, private and cooperative sectors, Economic Reforms, Small Scale Enterprises, International Trade.

Business Environment

PDF | 466 Pages | English
This note teaches the concept of business environment its meaning, scope and importance. Topics covered includes: Various Aspects Of Business Environment, Globalisation: Trends and Issues, Economic System: Process Of Reforms, Profile Of Indian Economy in 21st Century, Environmental Pollution, Growth of Industries in India, Mergers and Acquisitions, Foreign Investment in India, Indian Financial Environment, Banking and Financial Institutions.

Business Environment Study Material

PDF | 113 Pages | English
The purpose of the book is to set a base in the post graduate students, on the subject Business Environment, by describing its various aspects such as internal and external environmental factors, structure and profile of the economy of India, concept of foreign investment and major multinational economic associations. This book will be helpful to students who are eager to learn the subject, but are restrained due to lack of foundation in Economics and Commerce.

Introductory Business Statistics

PDF | 82 Pages | English
This book explains the following topics: Descriptive statistics and frequency distributions, The normal and t distributions, Making estimates, Hypothesis testing, The t-test, F-test and one-way anova, Regression basics.

Business Statistics

PDF | 106 Pages | English
This book covers the following topics: An Introduction To Business Statistics, Dispersion And Skewness, Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis, Index Numbers, Analysis Of Time Series, Probability Theory, Probability Distributions, Sampling And Sampling Methods, Sampling Distributions, Statistical Estimation, Testing Of Hypotheses, Non-parametric Tests, Statistical Quality Control, Indian Statistics.

Business Analysis Using Financial Statements Lecture Notes

Online | NA Pages | English
The purpose of this note is to advance your understanding of how to use financial information to value and analyze firms. We will apply your economics/accounting/finance skills to problems from today's business news to help us understand what is contained in financial reports, why firms report certain information, and how to be a sophisticated user of this information.

An Introduction to Business Mathematics

Online | NA Pages | English
These lecture notes provide a self-contained introduction to the mathematical methods required in a Bachelor degree programme in Business, Economics, or Management. In particular, the topics covered comprise real valued vector and matrix algebra, systems of linear algebraic equations, Leontief’s stationary input–output matrix model, linear programming, elementary financial mathematics, as well as differential and integral calculus of real-valued functions of one real variable.

Business Legislation

PDF | 456 Pages | English
This book explains the following topics: Essentials Of A Valid Contract, Void Agreements, Performance Of Contracts, Breach Of Contract And Its Remedies, Quasi-contracts, Contract Of Sale Of Goods, Remedial Measures, Nature And Types Of Negotiable Instrument, Nature And Types Of Companies, Formation Of A Company, Prospectus, Share And Share Capital, Borrowing Power Of Management And Meetings, Accounts And Audit, Winding Up Of A Company, Consumer Protection Act, 1986 And Cyber Law In India.

International Business by Mason Carpenter

Online | NA Pages | English
This book covers the following topics: International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment, Culture and Business, World Economies, Global and Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration, International Monetary System, Foreign Exchange and the Global Capital Markets, International Expansion and Global Market Opportunity Assessment, Exporting, Importing, and Global Sourcing, Strategy and International Business, Global Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, Harnessing the Engine of Global Innovation, Roles of Finance and Accounting in Global Competitive Advantage.

Business Intelligence Solution for Business Development

Online | 118 Pages | English
This book presents both an overview of Business Intelligence and an in-depth analysis of current applications and future directions for this technology. The book covers a large area, including methods, concepts, and case studies related to: constructing an enterprise business intelligence maturity model, developing an agile architecture framework that leverages the strengths of business intelligence, decision management and service orientation, adding semantics to Business Intelligence, towards business intelligence over unified structured and unstructured data using XML, density-based clustering and anomaly detection, data mining based on neural networks.

Introduction To Business

PDF | 153 Pages | English
The course aim is to give you a broad framework of what business is all about. Topics covered includes: Concept of Business and Administration, Kind of Business: Sole Trader, Partnership and Joint Stock Company, Types of Business, Business Environment, Legal Issues in Business, Social Responsibility of a Business and Business Ethics, Accounting in Business, Marketing in today’s Business, Entrepreneurship.

Business Communication

PDF | 214 Pages | English
This book covers the following topics: Introduction To Communication, Effective Communication Skills, Process Of Communication, Barriers and Gateways In Communication, Commercial Letters, Business Reports Writing, Oral and Non-verbal Communication, Public Speaking and Presentation, Communication: Negotiations and Legal Aspects, Agency Correspondence in Business.

A first book in business methods

Online | 281 Pages | English
This book is an attempt to provide a body of practical information pertaining to business matters in a form sufficiently simple for use in the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades.

Business Economics

PDF | 215 Pages | English
This book explains the following topics: Business Economics- Meaning, Nature, Scope and significance, Theory of Consumer’s Behaviour : Utility Analysis, Indifference Curve Approach, Law Of Demand and Elasticity Of Demand, Demand Forecasting, The Organization of Production and the Production Function, Concept of Cost : Short Run and Long Run Cost curves, Concept of Revenue; and Break Even Analysis, Price Determination Under Perfect Competition, Price Determination Under Duopoly and Oligopoly, Price Determination Under Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and Discriminating Monopoly, Welfare Economics.

Exploring Business

PDF | 940 Pages | English
The author's goals in writing Exploring Business is to introduce students to business in an exciting way and provide faculty with a fully developed teaching package that allows them to do the former. Topics covered includes: The Foundations of Business, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Business in a Global Environment, Selecting a Form of Business Ownership, The Challenges of Starting a Business, Managing for Business Success, Recruiting, Motivating, and Keeping Quality Employees, Teamwork and Communications, Marketing Providing Value to Customers, Product Design and Development,  Operations Management in Manufacturing and Service Industries, The Role of Accounting in Business, Managing Financial Resources, Personal Finances, Managing Information and Technology, The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business.

Quantitative Techniques For Business

PDF | 142 Pages | English
This book covers the following topics: Quantitative Techniques, Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis, Theory Of Probability, Probability Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Normal Distribution, Testing Of Hypothesis, Non-parametric Tests, Analysis Of Variance.

A Primer on Sustainable Business

Online | 215 Pages | English
Going green, green business, and sustainable business are topics on everyone’s mind. But what does all this mean exactly? A Primer on Sustainable Business answers that question and provides an introduction to the basics you need to know. Topics covered includes: Operations Management, Human Resources, Finance, Research and Development, Marketing, IT and MIS, Accounting, Sustainability Strategy and Sustainable Business with Case Examples.

Business Communication for Success

Online | NA Pages | English
This book provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to the study and application of written and oral business communication to serve both student and professor. The first three chapters form the core foundation for the study of oral and written business communication. The next sequence of chapters focus on the process of writing, then oral performance with an emphasis on results. The final sequence focuses on contexts where business communication occurs, from interpersonal to intercultural, from groups to leadership.

Business Communication for Success

PDF | 763 Pages | English
The book, Business Communication for Success provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to the study and application of written and oral business communication to serve both student and professor. The first three chapters form the core foundation for the study of oral and written business communication. The next sequence of chapters focus on the process of writing, then oral performance with an emphasis on results.

Challenges to Business in the Twenty First Century

PDF | 77 Pages | English
This book covers the following topics: Long-Term Financial Security, Challenges of Financial Innovation, On the Economic Consequences of Index-Linked Investing, Questioning Deregulation as a Cause of the Crisis, Media and the Financial Crisis and Why Trade has Survived the Crisis.

Business Dynamics in the 21st Century

Online | 270 Pages | English
This book introduces new insights into new problems in the aspects of performance and quality improvement, networking and logistics in the interconnected world, as well as developments in monetary and financial environment surrounding private enterprises today.

Increasing Human Efficiency in Business

Online | NA Pages | English
This book covers the following topics: The possibility of increasing human efficiency, imitation as a means of increasing human efficiency, competition as a means of increasing human efficiency, loyalty as a means of increasing human efficiency, concentration as a means of increasing human efficiency, wages as a means of increasing human efficiency, pleasure as a means of increasing human efficiency, the love of the game and efficiency, relaxation as a means of increasing human efficiency, the rate of improvement in efficiency: practice plus theory, making experience an asset: judgment formation, capitalizing experience: habit formation.

The A B C's of business

Online | 148 Pages | English
This book covers the following topics: The Complex Character of Our Business Organization, Misunderstanding of Money, Wages and Wealth, The Elements of Banking, Business Consequences of the War, The Abuse of Railways, Speculators and Markets, Good and Bad Times, Internationalism and education.

Business Arithmetic

PDF | 251 Pages | English
Strict conformity to modern conditions is the keynote of this Business Arithmetic book.

The Age of Big Business A Chronicle of the Captains of Industry

Online | NA Pages | English
This book covers the following topics: Industrial America At The End Of The Civil War, The First Great American Trust, The Epic Of Steel, The Telephone: America's Most Poetical Achievement, The Development Of Public Utilities, Making The World's Agricultural Machinery, The Democratization Of The Automobile.

The business man's encyclopedia

Online | 172 Pages | English
This book is considered as an encyclopedia for all the business people. All the common terms used in business and commerce are defined thoroughly in this book.

Guide to Enterprise Risk Management

PDF | 153 Pages | English
This publication is attempt to address some of the most commonly asked questions with respect to ERM.

Creating Capital Money making as an aim in business

Online | NA Pages | English
The object of this paper is to discuss money-making; to examine its prevalence as an aim among people generally and the moral standards which obtain among those who consciously seek to make money.

Higher Education and Business Standards

Online | NA Pages | English
This book provides some new ideas in business.

International Trade Theory and Evidence

Online | NA Pages | English
A comprehensive, balanced text, International Trade: Theory and Evidence is the perfect book for International Trade courses at the undergraduate level.

Morals in trade and commerce

Online | 28 Pages | English
This is a lecture the President of The Bank of California Frank B. Anderson presented before the students of The University of Califronia in Berkley February 15, 1911. It is about Morals and Honesty within trade and commerce.

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