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Business and Finance eBooks

This section contains free e-books and guides on Business and Finance, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

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Cost and Management Accounting System

Cost Accountant plays an important role in an organization. Cost Accountancy deals in the preparation of various reports for the information of internal management for the smooth running of the business. Topics covered includes: Unit Costing, Contract Costing, Valutation of Materials Issues, Labour Cost Control, Marginal Costing, Budgetary Control, Variance Analysis Standard Costing.

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Management Accounting

This note explains the following topics: Financial Statement Analysis, Management Accounting, Funds Flow Statement , Marginal Costing And Profit Planning, Standard Costing, Budgetary Control, Role Of Computer In Accounting, Inflation Accounting, Human Resource Accounting, Social Accounting, Economic Value Added (Eva) Statements, Brand Valuation And Accounting.

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Business Regulations

This note covers the following topics: Business Laws, Special Contracts: Contract Of Indemnity And Guarantee, The Sale Of Goods Act 1930, The Consumer Protection Act 1986, The Information Technology Act 2000.

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Business Communication by Utkal University

This note explains the following topics: Meaning of communication, Dimensions of Communication, Channels of communication, Functions of communication, Barriers in Business Communication, Listening Skills, Reading and Writing Skills, Corporate Communication, Advantages of visual signals, Technical Writing, Report Writing, Business Proposals, Note Making, Dynamics of Non-verbal communication, Presentation Skills, Business letter.

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Notes on Microeconomic Theory

This note covers the following topics: The Economic Approach, Consumer Theory Basics, Homothetic and Quasilinear Utility Functions, The Traditional Approach to Consumer Theory, Producer Theory, Choice Under Uncertainty, Competitive Markets and Partial Equilibrium Analysis, Externalities and Public Goods, Monopoly.

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Industrial Economics by University of Mumbai

This note describes the following topics: Theory of the Firm, Investment Decisions, Vertically Related Markets and Competition Policy, Product market Differentiation and Imperfect Information, Technical Change and Market Structure, Indian Industry, Industrial growth in India.

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Entrepreneurship Trends and Challenges

This book shows some examples of that possibility, from simple people to a big organization. In all cases, if you become an entrepreneur, it will be for your taste and pleasure, a means to survive and enjoy the uncertainty, and rejoice that you have all these in your hands and will.

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Entrepreneurial Development Lecture Notes

The note focuses on the revolution impact on entrepreneurship, the evolution of entrepreneurship approaches to entrepreneurship process, the individual entrepreneurial mind set and personality, opportunities identification, entrepreneurial immigration and creativity the nature of creativity process innovation enable students to understand and develop organization innovatively.

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Financial Management Lecture Notes

Financial management is about analysing financial situation making financial decision setting financial objectives. Topics covered includes: The Finance Function , The Investment Decision , Capital Structure Decisions, Dividend Decisions, Management Of Current Assets.

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International Finance Lecture Notes by Costas Arkolakis

The aim of this note is that the students develop an understanding of the main implications of increasing integration of the world economy. This note will be divided in two sections. The first section will be more like a traditional lecture class and will focus on theoretical models and empirical facts. The second section will be more like a seminar course with presentations by students and wide discussion on topics in international finance and international macroeconomics.

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International Financial Management by Guru Jambheshwar University

This note explains the following topics: Multinational Financial Management, Evolution of International Monetary and Financial System, Management of Short-term Assets and Liabilities, International Capital Budgeting Decision, Foreign Investment Decision, Political and Country Risk Management, Cost of Capital of Multinational Firm, Capital Structure of Multinational Firm, Dividend Policy of A Multinational Firm, Taxation of Multinational Firm, Long-term Sources of Funds For A Multinational Company.

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Global Financial Management

This note describes the following topics: Globalization, International Financial Management, International Monetary System, Balance of Payments, International Financial Markets, Multilateral & Bi-Lateral Institutions, Global Financial Instruments, Currency Risk Management, Translation Exposure, Operating Exposure and Foreign Direct Investment.

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Human Resource Planning and Development

On completing this note, you will have an increased understanding or appreciation of the Human Resource Planning and Development, functions, its role, concepts, principles and challenges. Topics covered includes: Macro Level manpower Planning and Labour market Analysis, Organisational Human Resource Planning, Stock Taking, Work Force Flow mapping, Age and Grade Distribution mapping, Models and Techniques of manpower demand and supply forecasting, Behavioural Factors in HRD, Wastage Analysis and Retention, Redeployment and Exit Strategies, Career Management, Career Planning and Career Development, Performance Planning, Potentials Appraisal, HRD Climate, Human Resource Information System, Human Resource Accounting.

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Human Resource Planning Reference Tools

This note explains the following topics: Human Resource: Workforce Planning and Departmental Planning, Developing a Talent Pool, Organizational Effectiveness and Work Environment, Developing an Integrated Talent Management Program.

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Fixed Income Securities Lecture Notes

This note explores key concepts in understanding fixed income instruments. This note will comprehensively cover topics related to fixed income instruments, including nominal yields, effective yields, yield to maturity, spot rates, forward rates, present value, future value, mortgage payments, term structure of interest rates, bond price sensitivity to interest rate changes, hedging, horizon analysis, credit risk, default probability, recovery rates, floaters, inverse floaters, swaps, forward rate agreements, Eurodollars, convertible bonds, callable bonds, interest rate models, risk neutral pricing, and fixed income arbitrage.

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Foreign Direct Investment Analysis of Aggregate Flows

This book provides a treatise of the unique features of FDI flows, covering both theory and data. It focuses on the determinants of the aggregate flows of FDI at the source-host country level. The book is likely to find its main readership among academics, graduate students, and trained policy professionals.

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Industrial Relations Management

Objective of this note is to provide exposure of theories, techniques and approaches to manage Industrial Relations and to understand the importance of labour administration and Constitutional Provisions. Topics covered includes: Concept and determinants of Industrial relations the Indian scenario, Managing Industrial Relations changes, Indian Culture & Industrial Relations, Trade Unions , Trade Union Legislation , Multiplicity of Trade Unions, Conflict Resolutions, Industrial Relations, Welfare and Productivity and Social Responsibility of Trade Unions, Industrial Relation Management and Management of Trade Union, Employee Counselling, Employee Discipline, Collective Bargaining, Labour Administration, Central Machinery of Labour Administration and Contemporary Trends as well as Future of IR in India.

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Quality Management by NPTEL

The purpose of this note is to put quality management into perspective, and to highlight its critical importance, as well as to present in-depth ideas on different methodologies, tools and techniques proposed for product and process improvement. This web course will help readers understand opportunities for product or service or process improvement based on quality management principals.

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Industrial Marketing

This note covers the following topics: Industrial Marketing System: concept and characteristics, Industrial Market, Industrial Buying Behaviour, Strategic Industrial Marketing, Marketing Information System, Marketing Research, Industrial Product and Services, Pricing of Industrial Products, Channel Design and management, Channels of distribution, Sales Promotion, Publicity and Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, Advertisement and the concept of strategy.

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Consumer Behavior Practice Oriented Perspectives

Due to multidisciplinary and multi method character of the concept of consumer behavior, it is appropriate to study it accordingly in order to understand the subject with its different aspects and holistically. Especially with the cultural, social, and technological changes within today's world, this issue becomes prominent. This book is a modest try for that end.

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Income Tax by Rai Technology University

Objective of this book is to explain the income tax administration in India. Topics covered includes: Study of the Income-Tax, Heads of Income, Tax audit, Indirect Tax, Assessment of Tax Payable.

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Income tax Act 1961

The Income-tax Act, 1961 is the charging Statute of Income Tax in India. It provides for levy, administration, collection and recovery of Income Tax.

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