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Biology is the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. This section contains many topics on Biology and Health Sciences and each of these categories contain many free biology books and resources and these are highly beneficial for teachers and students of Health and Biology professionals. Some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Biology Books
Online Books
Plant Biology
Structural Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Soil Biology
Cell Biology
Plant Pathology
BioMedical Research
Developmental Biology
Molecular Biology
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Recently Added
Online Books
Guidelines on Airborne Infection Control in Healthcare and Other Settings
Aerosols and Aerobiology
The Aerobiological Pathway for Transmission of Communicable Respiratory Disease (PDF 29P)
Controls for preventing airborne infections in workers in health care (PDF 211P)
Prospective Aerobiological Modelingof Southern Corn Rust (PDF 24p)
Aerobiological Engineering
AeroBiology Basics (PDF 15p)
Aerobiology Pollens and Spores in the Air (PDF 29p)
Aerobiology concepts (PDF 24p)
Astrobiology, history, and society
Research in Computational Astrobiology
Man's Place in the Universe
Astrobiology Notes
Astrobiology Origin and Evolution of Habitable
Extra solar planets and astrobiology
Astrobiology basics
list of all exoplanets
The Fundamentals of Bacteriology
Basic Bacteriology I
Fundamental Principles Of Bacteriology
Bacteriology Textbook
Genomics of Actinobacteria Tracing the Evolutionary History of an Ancient Phylum
Notes on Bacteriology (PDF 44P)
Bioinformatics methods and applications for functional analysis of mass spectrometry based proteomics data
Machine Learning Methods for Bioinformatics
Bioinformatics Sequence Analysis and Phylogenetics Lecture Notes (PDF 190P)
Algorithms in Bioinformatics (PDF 28p)
Bioinformatics II Theoretical Bioinformatics and Machine Learning (PDF 394)
Lecture Notes Bioinformatics
Algorithms in Bioinformatics (PDF 175p)
Algorithms in Bioinformatics (PDF 82p)
Protein Sequence Analysis
Online Lectures on Bioinformatics
Master gardener handbook
The botanical text book, an introduction to scientific botany, both structural and systematic
Studies of Trees
The Botanical Magazine Vol. I
The Elements of Botany
Botany Laboratory Note Book
Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany
A laboratory notebook of elementary botany
Botany Class Lectures
Plants Database
Botany Textbooks
Current Frontiers and Perspectives in Cell Biology
Cell Biology and Genetics
Structure and Function of Major Cell Components
Engineering Molecular Cell Biology
Cell Biology Lecture Notes (Doc 52P)
Cells and Cell Function
Cell Biology Lab
Essentials of Cell Biology
Lecture Notes for Methods in Cell Biology (PDF 218P)
Prebiotic Evolution Molecular and Cell biology(PDF 26P)
Lecture Notes for Methods in Cell Biology (PDF 218P)
Cell Biology Basics (PDF 35P)
Fundamentals of cytology
General Cytology
The Cytology and Life History of Bacteria
Manual for Cytology (PDF 44P)
Image segmentation applied to cytology (PDF 48P)
Animal Ecology
General Ecology
Basic Concepts Nature, Ecology, Environment
Forest Ecology Basics
Objectives of Ecology
Introduction to Ecology I
Introduction to Ecology
Basic Concepts Nature, Ecology, Environment (PDF 174P)
An Introduction to Entomology Vol. I
Medical Entomology
General Entomology
Entomology Lecture
Basic Entomology by National Open University Of Nigeria
A Textbook of Entomology (PDF 762P)
Insects, spiders, and other arthropods
Forensic Entomology
Entomology for Master Gardeners
Mammalian anatomy with special reference to the cat
Mammalogy by Jack Sullivan
Elements of mammalogy prepared for the use of schools and colleges
Mammalian Tissues
Papers on mammalogy (PDF 436P)
Mammalogy Lecture Notes
Mammals Basics
Diving Response Mechanism of Seals and Sea Lions
Applications of the Mathematical Sciences in Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology Techniques Laboratory Manual (PDF 189P)
Molecular Biology Problems sets and Tutorials
Overview of SPARQ ed Cell and Molecular Biology Experiences
Genetics and Molecular Biology PDF 715P
Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology and Genomics
Using Computers in Molecular Biology
Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology
A quick introduction to elements of biology cells, molecules, genes, functional genomics, microarrays
The Basics A general review of molecular biology (PDF 35P)
Baculovirus Molecular Biology
Fungi Their Nature and Uses
Lecture Notes for Mycology
Mycology Online
A text book of mycology and plant pathology
Medical Mycology I
Biology of Fungi
Mycology Lecture (Doc 26P)
Introductory Mycology
An Introduction To The Study of Fungi
Handbook of Mycological Methods (PDF 33P)
The mycology of the Basidiomycetes (PDF 26P)
Diagnostic Mycology for Laboratory Professionals (PDF 78P)
Argentine Ornithology, Volume I
Argentine Ornithology Volume II
Ornithology Lecture Notes
History of British Birds
Manual of Field and Laboratory Exercises for Ornithology
Ornithological Monographs
Ornithology Pre Reading Handout (PDF 45P)
Basic Laboratory Methods in Medical Parasitology
Diagnosing Medical Parasites A Public Health Officers Guide To Assisting Laboratory And Medical Officers
Medical Parasitology by Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative
Veterinary Parasitology
Clinical Parasitology
Parasitology Guidelines
Diagnosing Medical Parasites Through Coprological Techniques
Text Book of Human Parasitology
Introduction in medical parasitology and parasitic diseases
Parasitology Research
Parasitology or Mycology Lecture Guide
Disease in Plants
Plant Pathology Notes
Introduction to the Major Pathogen Groups
Basic Plant Pathology (PDF 47P)
Plant Pathology Introduction
Plant Pathology Guidelines for Master Gardeners
Plant Disorders and Diseases (PDF 27P)
Diagnostic Manual for plant diseases in Vietnam (PDF 211P)
Plant Disease Fact Sheets
On the Need for Revision of Some Names of Plant Health Malfunctions and their Categorisation (PDF 16P)
Plant Pathology Concepts (PDF 37P)
Protein Structure
Structural Biology Principles And Practices
Structural biology Protein Crystallography
Computational Structural Biology
Structural Biology Class Notes
Structural Biology Lecture Notes
Protein Structure and Function
Principles of protein structure PDF Slides 56P
Basic Virology by Elliott J. Blumenthal
Molecular Virology
Viral Replication
Veterinary Virology (PDF 96P)
Handbook Of Diagnostic Virology Testing (PDF 41P)
Infectious Disease Serology and Virology (PDF 24P)
Basics of Virology
Virology The Basics
Viruses From Structure to Biology
Zoology by Maria Dolores Garcia
Biology of Animal
Introduction to Zoology
Textbook of zoology
Zoological Illustrations
General zoology
A student's text book of zoology
National Animal Identification System (PDF 74P)
General Zoology Lecture Notes and Handouts
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