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Lectures in International Finance


Lectures in International Finance

Lectures in International Finance

This note covers the following topics: The Foreign Exchange Market, Currency Derivatives and Options Markets, The Balance of Payments Accounts, The Theory of Exchange Rates.


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Computational Finance Notes

Computational Finance Notes

Goal of this note is to teach an introduction relevant for computer scientists, which may be both broader and shallower than traditional Computational Finance. Topics coverted includes: Derivatives, Time Series Analysis, Trading, Investment Strategies, Fundamentals of Investing, Stocks vs. Bonds, Financial Markets, Common Stocks, Stock Prices.

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Financial   Management

Financial Management

This note covers the following topics: Types Of Finance, Business Finance, Direct Finance, Finance Function, Financial Management Nature And Scope, Financial Goals, Financial Goals, Financial Decisions, Capital Budgeting, Evaluation Of Capital Projects, Risk Analysis In Capital Budgeting, Cost Of Capital, Capital Structure Theories, Working Capital Management.

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Introduction to Finance

Introduction to Finance

This note covers the following topics: Financial Statements in Financial Analysis, Corporate Financial Risk Measures, Corporate Financial Planning, Taxation and Investment Returns, The Mathematics of Finance, Fixed Income Securities and Debt Markets, Equity Securities and Equity Markets, Business Investments, Cost of Capital & Corporate Performance Evaluation.

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Lecture Notes for   Finance

Lecture Notes for Finance

These notes are intended for the introductory finance course mathematics economics program at the University of Copenhagen. Topics covered includes: The role of financial markets, Payment Streams under Certainty, Arbitrage pricing in a one-period model, Option pricing, The Black-Scholes formula, Stochastic Interest Rates and Portfolio Theory.

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Personal   Finance Supplementary Reading Material

Personal Finance Supplementary Reading Material

This book covers the following topics: Financial Plan, Budgeting, Managing Your Money, Financing Assets, Protection of Assets, Investing Money, Retirement Planning, Taxes and You, Career Planning.

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Public   Finance

Public Finance

This book explains the following topics: Meaning and Scope Of Public Finance, Public Expenditure, Public Revenue, Public Debt and Budget Federal Finance.

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International Financial   Environment

International Financial Environment

This note is designed to familiarize students with international financial transactions and Operational aspects of foreign exchange markets. One of the major objectives of developing this course note has been to bring in the recent happenings in international finance arena. It focus more on the practical aspects of international finance in conjunction to theoretical constructs.

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International   Finance by Hartley Withers

International Finance by Hartley Withers

This book covers the following topics related to International Finance: Capital and its Reward, Banking Machinery, Investments and Securities, Finance and Trade, The Benefits Of International Finance, The Evils Of International Finance, Remedies and Regulations.

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The   A B C of finance or The money and labor questions familiarly explained to   common people

The A B C of finance or The money and labor questions familiarly explained to common people

This book covers the following topics: What Society does for the Laborer, Capital and Labor, Starvation Wages, One Dollar, Value cannot be given by Government, The Value of Paper Money, Why has the Greenback any Value, The Mystery of Money, Evil of a Depreciating Currency: A Few Facts, The Lessons of History, The Public Faith, The Cause and the Remedy.

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Finance   Theory II

Finance Theory II

The objective of this lecture note is to learn the financial tools needed to make good business decisions and presents the basic insights of corporate finance theory, but emphasizes the application of theory to real business decisions.

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