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Aerodynamics Notes By MIT

This page has the following topics in PDF files related to Aerodynamics : Sensitivity Analysis, Kinematics of a Fluid Element, Stress-Strain Relationship for a Newtonian Fluid, Coordination Transformations for Strain and Stress Rates, Compressible and Incompressible Fluid Element Motion Chart, Compressible Viscous Equations, Compressible Equations, Equations of Aircraft Motion, Brequet Range Equation, Aerodynamic Center, Quick Visit to Bernoulli Land, Kutta Condition, Thin Airfoil Theory Summary, Important Concepts in Thin Airfoil Theory, Prandtl’s Lifting Line Introduction, Force Calculations for Lifting Line, Trefftz Plane Analysis of Induced Drag, Solution to Problem 1, Viscous Flow: Stress Strain Relationship, Integral Boundary Layer Equations, Correlation Methods for Integral Boundary Layers, Method of Assumed Profiles, Falkner-Skan Flows, Effect of Turbulent Fluctuations on Mean Flow: Reynolds-Averaging, Poiseuille Flow Through a Duct in 2-D, Laminar Boundary Layer Order of Magnitude Analysis, Solutions of the Laminar Boundary Layer Equations, Similarity in Wind Tunnel Testing, Single Horseshoe Vortex Wing Model, Ground Effect Using Single Vortex Model, Three-Dimensional Wall Effects, Drag Tare Due to Mount, Subsonic Small Disturbance Potential Flow, Critical Mach Number, Behavior of Isentropic Flow in Quasi-1D, Derivation of Sound Wave Properties, Waves in 1D Compressible Flow, Normal Shock Waves, Propagation of Disturbances By a Moving Object, Linearized Compressible Potential Flow Governing Equation, Implications of Linearized Supersonic Flow on Airfoil Lift and Drag, Oblique Shock Waves, Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Waves, Computational Methods for the Euler Equations, Structured vs. Unstructured Grids, Solution Convergence.

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Applied Aerodynamics

This Book covers a small part of the numerous cases of stationary and non stationary aerodynamics, wave generation and propagation, wind energy, flow control techniques and, also, sports aerodynamics. It's not an undergraduate text but is thought to be useful for those teachers and researchers which work in the several branches of applied aerodynamics and applied fluid dynamics, from experiments procedures to computational methods.

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Aeronautics NASA

Aeronautics is the study of the science of flight. Aeronautics is the method of designing an airplane or other flying machine. This page has the information on the following topics related to Aeronautics : What is Aeronautics?, Dynamics of Flight, Airplanes, Engines, History of Flight, What is UEET, Vocabulary, Fun and Games, Educational Links and Resources.

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Aircraft Systems

This PDF covers the following topics related to Aeronautics : Airplane Control Systems, Aircraft Systems, Fuel Systems, Auxiliary System, General Maintenance Practices.

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Aircraft Design SOA

The design of an airplane, which is being dealt in this course, involves synthesizing knowledge in areas like aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, systems and manufacturing techniques. The aim is to arrive at the configuration of an airplane, which will satisfy aforesaid requirements, This PDF covers the following topics related to Aircraft Design : Aircraft Design RequirementsAirplane Weight Estimation, Landing Gears, Integration of Structure and Power Plant, Introduction of Advanced Concepts.

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Introduction to Aircraft Design NPTEL

This page has PDF transcripts for the NPTEL course Introduction to Aircraft Design which covers the following topics : What is Aircraft Design, Phases in Aircraft Design, Design Stages, Aircraft Design Process, Importance of Cost in Aircraft Design, The Design Spiral, Basic Laws of Aircraft Design, Requirements Capture, Quality Function Deployment, House of Quality Chart, etc.

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Aircraft Systems and Instruments SIST

This PDF covers the following topics related to Aircraft Systems and Instruments : Aircraft Systems, Landing Gear Systems, Fuel and Pressurizing System, Airplane Control Systems, Aircraft Instruments.

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Aircraft Systems and Instruments JCET

This PDF covers the following topics related to Aircraft Systems and Instruments : Hydraulic Systems, Flight Control Systems, Modern Control Systems, Fuel Systems, Flight Instruments, Engine Instruments.

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Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials

This PDF covers the following topics related to Aircraft Structures and Materials : Material physics and properties, Environment and durability, Material types, Manufacturing, Aircraft and spacecraft structures, Aircraft and spacecraft loads, Translating loads to stresses, Considering strength and stiffness, Design and certification, Fatigue and durability, Structural joints.

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Aircraft Structures SIST

This PDF covers the following topics related to Aircraft Structures and Materials : Statically Determinate Structures, Energy Methods, Unsymmetric Bending of Beams, Shear Flow and Shear Center, Principles of Solid and Structural Mechanics.

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Avionics and Instrumentation System IARE

Avionics’is a word derived from the combination of aviation and electronics. This PDF covers the following topics related to Avionics : Avionics Technology, Aircraft Instrumentation - Sensors and Displays, Communication and Navigation Aids, Military Aircraft Adaptation, Airborne Radar, Astrionics - Avionics for Spacecraft.

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Introduction to Avionics

Avionics is a combination of aviation and electronics. Avionics system or Avionics sub-system depends on electronics. Avionics grew in 1950s and 1960 as electronic devices which replaces the mechanical or analog equipment in the aircraft. This PDF covers the following topics related to Avionics : Introduction to Avionics, Principles of Digital Systems, Flight Deck and Cockpits, Digital Avionics Architecture, Design Aspects: Avionics, Controls And Weapon Systems.

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Helicopter Flying Handbook

This online books contains the following contents:Introduction to the Helicopter, Aerodynamics of Flight, Helicopter Flight Controls, Helicopter Components, Sections, and Systems, Rotorcraft Flight Manual, Weight and Balance, Helicopter Performance, Ground Procedures and Flight Preparations, Basic Flight Maneuvers, Advanced Flight Maneuvers, Helicopter Emergencies and Hazards, Night Operations, Effective Aeronautical Decision Making

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Helicopter Instructors Handbook

Introduction to Flight Training,Introduction to the Helicopter - Training Procedures - Introduction to the Helicopter,Aerodynamics of Flight - Introduction - Forces Acting on the Aircraft,Helicopter Flight Controls - Introduction - Collective Pitch Control,Helicopter Components, Sections, and Systems - Introduction - Airframe Design,Rotorcraft Flight Manual - Introduction - Introducing the Manual,Weight and Balance - Introduction - Weight,Helicopter Performance - Introduction - Factors Affecting Performance,Preflight and Postflight Procedures - Introduction - Checklists,Basic Flight Maneuvers - Introduction - Basic Maneuvers - Straight-and-Level Flight

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Rocket Propulsion MIT

This page cover the following topics related to Propulsion : Introduction, Rocket Nozzles and Thrust, Ideal Nozzle Fluid Mechanics, Nozzle Design, Convective Heat Transfer, Liquid Cooling, Ablative Cooling, Film Cooling, Radiation Heat Transfer and Cooling, Review of Equilibrium Thermochemistry, Non-Equilibrium Flows, Selection of Propellant Mixtures, Solid Propellants: Design Goals and Constraints, Solid Propellants: Other Topics, Liquid Propellants, Combustion of Liquid Propellants, Liquid Motors, Acoustics, Pressurization and Pump Cycles, Basic Turbomachine Performance, Turbopumps, Turbines, Mechanical Design of Turbomachinery, Rotordynamics Problems, Dynamics of Turbopump Systems: The Shuttle Engine, Active Control of Rockets, Orbital Mechanics: Review, Staging, Performance to LEO, Performance to GEO, Impulsive and Low-Thrust Maneuvers in Space, Future Developments.

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Introduction To Propulsion Systems MIT

This page cover the following topics related to Propulsion : Rocket equation, Rocket staging, range of aircraft, Orbital mechanics, Hyperbolic orbits, Non-chemical rockets, Modeling of thermal rocket engines, Modeling of rocket nozzles, Types of nozzles, Solid propellant gas generators, Models for rocket engines, Reacting gases, Nozzle flow of reacting gases, Rocket casing design, Heat transfer and cooling, Ablative cooling, Thrust vectoring, Aircraft propulsion, configuration and components, Aircraft engine modeling, Turbojet engines, Introduction to component matching and off-design operation, Turbofan engines, Inlets or diffusers, Exhaust nozzles, Compressors and fans, Velocity triangles, Compressor blading,Turbines, Film cooling, Compressor-turbine matching, Engine structures, centrifugal stresses, engine arrangements, Critical speeds and vibration, Combustors, Pollutant, Aircraft engine noise, Jet noise, turbomachinery noise, Rotordynamics of the jet engine.

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Rocket and Missiles IARE

This PDF covers the following topics related to Rocket and Missiles : Rocket Dynamics, Solid Propulsion and Pyrotechnics, Liquid Propulsion and Control Systems, Multistage of Rockets and Stage Separation Dynamics, Design, Materials and Testing of Rockets.

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Rockets System SIST

This PDF covers the following topics related to Rocket and Missiles : Ignition System, Aerodynamics of Rockets, Basic Concepts, The General N-body Problem, Orbit Dynamics.

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Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control

This PDF covers the following topics related to Space Dynamics : Rigid Body dynamics, Frames of reference and transformation matrices, Euler’s angles, Quaternions vs Euler angles, Other attitude representations, Time derivative of vector quantities, Euler’s equations of motion of a rigid body, Generalised Euler equation, Passive Stabilisation of Rigid Spacecraft, Torque–free motion of axi–symmetric satellites, Torque–free motion of axi–symmetric satellites, Nutation Damping, Attitude manoeuvres of a spinning satellite, Gravity–gradient stabilization, Dual–spin satellites, Active Stabilisation and Control of Spacecraft, Environmental torques and other disturbances, Attitude sensors, Actuators, Linear model of rigid satellite attitude motion, Linear model of gyrostat attitude motion, Use of thrusters for attitude control, Momentum exchange devices for attitude control, Quaternion feedback control, Control Moment Gyroscopes.

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Space Dynamics Hindawi

This PDF covers the following topics related to Space Dynamics : Optimal On-Off Attitude Control for the Brazilian Multimission Platform Satellite, Highly Efficient Sigma Point Filter for Spacecraft Attitude and Rate Estimation, Spin-Stabilized Spacecrafts: Analytical Attitude Propagation Using Magnetic Torques, Using of H-Infinity Control Method in Attitude Control System of Rigid-Flexible Satellite, Hill Problem Analytical Theory to the Order Four: Application to the Computation of Frozen Orbits around Planetary Satellites, etc.

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