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Aerodynamics Lecture Notes

This note covers the following topics: Kinematics of a Fluid Element, Stress-Strain Relationship for a Newtonian Fluid, Brequet Range Equation, Coordination Transformations for Strain and Stress Rates, Equations of Aircraft Motion, Viscous Flow, Integral Boundary Layer Equations, Correlation Methods for Integral Boundary Layers, Falkner-Skan Flows, Three-Dimensional Wall Effects, Subsonic Small Disturbance Potential Flow, Waves in 1D Compressible Flow, Normal Shock Waves, Linearized Compressible Potential Flow Governing Equation, Oblique Shock Waves, Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Waves, Computational Methods for the Euler Equations, Solution Convergence.

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An introduction to Aerodynamics

This note covers the following topics: The aerodynamic forces, Practical applications, Fundamental flow parameters, Flow regimes, Critical Mach numbers, Drag of an aircraft, Wing geometry, Airfoil aerodynamic characteristics, Hydrostatics, Stevinoís law, Fluid particle kinematics, Streamlines and strakelines, Conservation of mass, Bernoulliís theorem, Two-dimensional flow, Pressure and forces on the cylinder, Rotating circular cylinder, Thin airfoil theory, Schrenkís method, The turbulence, Fluid particle kinematics, Supersonic, thin and cambered airfoil, Normal shock waves, Transonic flow.

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Aeronautics and Astronautics

This note covers the following topics: Visualization of Complex Flow Structures by Matched Refractive-Index PIV Method, Plasma Flow Control, Nonequilibrium Plasma Aerodynamics, Numerical Investigation of Plasma Flows Inside Segmented Constrictor Type Arc-Heater, A Frequency-Domain Linearized Euler Model for Noise Radiation, High-Order Numerical Methods for BiGlobal Flow Instability Analysis and Control, Rotorcraft Design for Maximized Performance at Minimized Vibratory Loads, Concurrent Subspace Optimization for Aircraft System Design, Developing Risk Models for Aviation Inspection and Maintenance Tasks.

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Introduction to Aeronautics and Astronautics

This note covers the following topics: Brief History of Aeronautics, Aerodynamic Forces, The Atmosphere, Incompressible One-Dimensional Flow, One-Dimensional Compressible Flow including Area-Velocity Relations, Two-Dimensional Flow, Lift and Drag, Three-Dimensional Lift and Drag, The Effects of Viscosity , Determination of Total incompressible Drag, Aerodynamic Performance, Stability and Control, Propulsion.

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Conceptual Aircraft Design Electronic Textbook

The aim of this manual is to briefly state theoretical bases of methods and models used in conceptual airplane design, to develop and consolidate understanding of the relations between the main airplane parameters and characteristics, and to prepare students to perform their graduation projects. This tutorial contains only necessary information for obtaining the first experience in the conceptual airplane design. Also it is supposed that students refer to textbooks and other scientific sources, which seems difficult at first. In this case this tutorial should be used as a guide-book for additional information sources.

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Airplane design Notes

This note covers the following topics: Data collection and preliminary three-view drawing, Weight estimation, Optimization of wing loading and thrust loading. Selection of engine, Selection of wing parameters, Selection of fuselage parameters and internal layout, Special considerations for configuration layout. Location of en, Revised three-view drawing, Estimation of weights of various components, Control surface design, Final three-view drawing. Revised estimation of drag polar and performance calculations, Presentation of results, Cost of airplane, Sizing and trade-off studies, Preliminary design of a jet airplane.

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Aircraft Systems Engineering Lecture Notes

This note adopts a holistic view of the aircraft as a system, covering: basic systems engineering, cost and weight estimation, basic aircraft performance, safety and reliability, lifecycle topics, aircraft subsystems, risk analysis and management; and system realization.

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Aircraft Structures Notes

This note covers the following topics: Linear Elasticity, Basic Equations, Engineering structural analysis, Beam Theory, Torsion, Thin-walled beams, Virtual Work Principle, Energy methods.

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Aviation Engines

A complete, practical treatise outlining clearly the elements of internal combustion engineering with special reference to the design, construction, operation and repair of airplane power plants; also the auxiliary engine systems, such as lubrication, carburetion, ignition and cooling. It includes complete instructions for engine repairing and systematic location of troubles, tool equipment and use of tools, also outlines the latest mechanical processes.

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Sustainable Aviation

This note includes quantitative assessment of the impact of aviation on the environment including noise, local, and global emissions, and models used to predict it.

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Advanced Theory of Helicopter

This note covers the following topics: Principles of Helicopter and VTOL Flight, Rotary wing Areodynamics, Helicopter performance in hover and in forward flight, Simple control concepts for helicopters, flapping dynamics and control moments, Rotary wing aeroelasticity, The helicopter vibration problems in forward flight.

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Recent Progress in Some Aircraft Technologies

This book describes the recent progress in some engine technologies and active flow control and morphing technologies and in topics related to aeroacoustics and aircraft controllers. Both the researchers and students should find the material useful in their work.

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Rocket Propulsion Lecture Notes

This note focuses on chemical rocket propulsion systems for launch, orbital, and interplanetary flight. It teaches the modeling of solid, liquid-bipropellant, and hybrid rocket engines. Topics covered includes: Rocket Nozzles and Thrust, Ideal Nozzle Fluid Mechanics, Nozzle Design, Convective Heat Transfer, Convective Heat Transfer, Liquid Cooling, Ablative Cooling, Film Cooling, Selection of Propellant Mixtures, Solid Propellants, Liquid Propellants, Pressurization and Pump Cycles, Liquid Motors, Turbopumps, Turbines, Mechanical Design of Turbomachinery, Impulsive and Low-Thrust Maneuvers in Space.

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Advanced Propulsion Lecture

This note covers the following topics: Operational Envelopes, Standard Atmosphere, Air-breathing Engines, Aircraft Performance, Rocket Engines, Gas Dynamics, H-K Diagram, Normal shock wave, Flow with heat addition, Flow with friction, Mach Train and Pseudo-shock, Brayton Cycle, Parametric Cycle Analysis, Ramjet, Turbojet, Turbofan.

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The Details of the Rocket System

This note designed the entire system, the rockets, the launchers and the transport. Also covers the various applications of this weapon, both for sea and land service, and its different uses in the field and in siege.

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