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This section contains free e-books and guides on WebSite design and Internet Technologies, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Recently Added Books

Aspects of AJAX (PDF 142P)

This note covers the following topics: asynchronous programming, native Ajax programming, client server protocols, the Ajax engines, javascript behavior, building javascript enabled web controls, connecting controls, Ajax enabled web controls, visual effects library, some html and http basics, listings, javascript proxy reference and data connections reference.

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Ajax A new programming model for the Web

This note covers the following topics: Rich Internet Applications, AJAX Components, AJAX Flow,Modifications, DOM: Document Object Model, Modifications Using DOM, Autocomplete, Prototype: a JavaScript library for Ajax, Prototype.

s50 Pages

Introduction to CGI Programming

This note covers the following topics: Apache and LAMP, dynamic web pages, HTTP: GET and POST methods, FORM to accept user data, server-side scripting, Interactive Web Pages, accepting user input, greatest common divisor on the web, Python Scripts in Browsers.

s33 Pages

CGI Scripting for Programmers Introduction

The Common Gateway Interface provides the middleware between WWW servers and external databases and information sources.This note explains everything about CGI.

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CSS Tutorial by Shree H.V.P Mandal's Degree College Of Physical Education

This note explains the following topics: What is CSS, Advantages of CSS, CSS Versions, Type Selectors, Multiple Style Rules, Embedded CSS, Imported CSS, CSS Colors, font size, The border-spacing Property, The caption-side Property, Border Properties Using Shorthand, The margin Property, CSS - Lists, The padding Property.

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Cascading Style Sheets by Hakon Wium Lie

This note covers the following topics: Structure versus presentation, Style sheets, Structured documents, LaTeX, The role of transformation languages, Style sheets prior to the web, Style sheet proposals for the web, Web requirements, Cascading Style Sheets, Problems in CSS, CSS for small screens, Cascading links.

s306 Pages

Fundamentals of XML

This note covers the following topics: Mark Up: RTF, EDIFACT and XML, What is SGML and HTML, Design of XML, Meta Language vs. Vocabulary, XML technologies, XML Declaration, Elements, Attributes, Entities, Character Data Sections, Processing Instructions, Well formed XML, XML Processing, XML Vocabularies.

s66 Pages

Hypertext Markup Language by Dr. Chuck

This note explains the following topics: Evolution of HTML, History of HTML / CSS, HTML Tag Basics, HTML Links, Absolute .vs. Relative, Navigation With Anchor Tags, Multiple Files, Special File Names, Images, HTML Document Structure.

s61 Pages

Advanced JavaScript Essentials

In this note, we will focus on the JavaScript language itself. The goal of this note is to take your understanding of JavaScript to a deeper level, from scripter to programmer.

s232 Pages

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

In this book the author will explore applying both classical and modern design patterns to the JavaScript programming language.

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PHP Programming by Wikibooks

PHP is a scripting language designed to fill the gap between SSI and Perl, intended for the Web environment. Its principal application is the implementation of Web pages having dynamic content. Topics covered includes: Beginning with Hello World, Nuts and Bolts, Commenting and Style,Comparison operators, Arrays, Control structures, Functions, Files, Images, Mailing, Cookies, Sessions, Databases and Regular expressions.

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Introduction to PHP by Principal Controller of Defence Accounts

This note covers the following topics: PHP Hello World, PHP Comments, PHP Variables, PHP Concatenation, PHP Operators, PHP Conditional Statements, PHP Arrays, PHP Numeric, Associative and Multidimensional Arrays, PHP Loops, PHP Functions.

s78 Pages

Web Design Basics by Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University

This note explains the following topics: Where and How to host your Web Site, Important Web Issues, Composing And Shaping Of Web Text, Creating and Using Art on the Web, HTML: Hypertext Markup Language, Elements and Principles of Design, Planning To Design web page, Intensive web designing with word and XML.

s235 Pages

Web Design Lecture Notes

This note covers the following topics: Site Planning and Management, Page Layout and human interface design, Writing and managing type, Animation, Flash animation, Image preparation and presentation, Colour management, Preparing and presenting graphics, Audio, 3D, Interaction only partly complete and Programming in Web Objects.

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Web Programming by MIT

This book explains the following topics: Setting up a Web Server, HTML Forms, HTML5 iFrames, Website Design, Internet Commerce, Basic Issues in Web Security, JavaScript, Interactive Images, Web-Application Development, AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

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Web Programming Fundamentals by Victoria Kirst

This note describes the following topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Backend basics, Server on NodeJS and Express, Database via MongoDb and Mongoose.

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Packaging and Restoring a Web site

This quick guide will show you how to create an package of a Web site, and then restore the site from the package.

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Software Engineering for Web Applications

This book explains the basics of designing a dynamic web site with a database back end, including scripting languages, cookies, SQL, and HTML with the goal of building such a site as the main (group) project Emphasizes computer-human interface and the graphical display of information.

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