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This section contains free e-books and guides on WebSite design and Internet Technologies, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Recently Added Books

Creating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

This pdf covers these topics: Introducing Ajax, JavaScript, Ajax Using HTML and JavaScript, XML, XMLHttpRequest, Ajax Using XML and XMLHttpRequest , XPath, XSLT, Ajax Using XSLT, Better Living Through Code Reuse, Traveling with Ruby on Rails and Traveling Further with Ruby

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Designing Ajax

This note explains the following topics: Richness, Ajax Patterns, Ajax Model, Other Remote Scripting Techniques, DNA of an Ajax Pattern, Principles for Ajax Design, Cross borders reluctantly and show transitions.

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Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1

This book on cascading style sheet covers topics about the CSS 2.1Specification, Introduction to CSS 2.1, Conformance: Requirements and Recommendations, Syntax and basic data types, Selectors, Assigning property values, Cascading, and Inheritance, Media types, Box model, Visual formatting model, Visual formatting model details, Visual effects, Generated content, automatic numbering and lists, Paged media, Colors and Backgrounds, Fonts, Text, Tables, User interface, Aural style sheets, Bibliography, Default style sheet for HTML 4, Elaborate description of Stacking Contexts, Full property table and Grammar of CSS.

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How To Build a Website with CSS and HTML

This book navigates through fundamental concepts like classes,IDs and pseudo-classes empowering readers to style HTML elements effectively, Dive into detailed sections covering website structuring, including header, about me, tiled layouts, employment and educational history sections, With step-by-step instructions and practical demonstrations, this book provides a roadmap for crafting visually captivating websites through the lens of CSS mastery.

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HTML, CSS and JavaScript

This PDF covers the following topics related to HTML, CSS and JavaScript : Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Introduction, Getting started, Carriage returns and thematic break lines, Commenting, Special characters, Hyperlinks, HTML elements (and their attributes), Browser feature detection, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Introduction, Selectors, Hints and further information, JavaScript, Introduction, Variables, Statements, Functions, Event handling, The Document Object Model (DOM), Miscellaneous, Appendices (reference material), HTML Elements, HTML Attributes, CSS Properties, CSS Shorthand Properties.

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Beginners Guide to HTML by Michael Gabriel

This book covers the following topics: Tags, Attributes and Elements, Titles, Headings, Paragraphs, Unnumbered, Numbered, Definition and Nested Lists, How to Makes Links to Other Pages and Elsewhere, How to Work with Images, How to Use Tabular Data, Text Boxes and Other User­Input.

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Javascript for beginners

This pdf covers following topics: about JavaScript, Objects, Properties and Methods, Assigning Values to Properties, Comments, Hiding Scripts from Older Browsers, Automatically Redirecting the User, Alert, Prompt and Confirm, Variables and Operator, Comparisons, Conditionals, Looping, Arrays, Associative & Objective, Two Dimensional, String Manipulation, Using Functions, Logical Operators, Using Event Handlers, Working with Multiple Windows, Using an External Script File, Javascript and Forms, Form Methods and Event Handlers, JavaScript and Math, Requiring Form Values or Selections, Working with Dates, Retrieving Information from Date Objects and Creating a JavaScript Clock.

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JavaScript Tutorial by W3schools

This book covers following topics starting with JavaScript Introduction, JavaScript Scripts, Statements, Code, Blocks, Comments, Variables, Operators, Comparison and Logical Operators, If Else Statements, Prompt Box, Functions, Loops, Break and Continue Statements, Events, Special Characters,  Objects, JS & DOM Reference Objects, String, JS Advanced , JavaScript Cookies, Form Validation and Animation.

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PHP Programming by RGMCET

This book dive into the fundamentals of PHP, from control statements for flow control to the manipulation of arrays, strings, and files,explore the power of functions and the elegance of object-oriented programming, learning to harness PHPs full potential,delve into handling dates, creating interactive forms, and seamlessly interfacing with databases ,Whether you are a beginner seeking a solid understanding of PHP or an experienced developer aiming to refine your skills, this book serves as your gateway to creating dynamic, robust, and interactive web applications.

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Web development using PHP

This book covers PHP basics like language constructs, functions, strings, and arrays, progressing to practical implementations such as databases, graphics, PDFs, and XML handling. It also covers file operations, form processing, state management, and advanced concepts like OOP, design patterns, and security measures, these topics collectively empower developers to create dynamic web applications, manage data effectively, and implement advanced programming paradigms for secure and scalable systems.

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Web Designing by Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology

This book contains the following topics: Web information, Searching System, Web Design and HTML, HTML Stylesheet and XML, Client Side Programming, Server Side Programming, JSP and ASP.

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Website Design and Programming

This lecture note covers fundamentals of HTML and the Web, it starts with the basics and then moves on to the more advanced concepts, The Internet and the World Wide Web are also treated, You will also learn about creating lists, getting feedback with forms, creating tables and frames finally, you will be introduced to JavaScript, dealing with Java Script variables and data types, Statement and Operators and Control structures, object based programming message box in JavaScript.

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Modern Web Programming Tools and Techniques

This book explains the following topics: .Net Framework, Visual Studio, Web Form Fundamentals, Web Controls, State Management, Error Handling Logging and Tracing, Validation, Rich Controls, User Controls and Graphics, Styles, Themes and Master Pages, ADO.NET and Data Binding, Website Security and Deploying Web Site.

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Fundamentals of web programming

This Fundamentals of web programming note contains Internet Basics, HTML Introduction, HTML Command and Structure, HTML List, Creating Tables, Introduction to JavaScript, Operators in JavaScript, Programming Constructs in, DOM Model, Browser, Handling Events Using, HTML, Building Object of JavaScript and DHTML.

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