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This section contains free e-books and guides on Chemistry, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded. Welcome to our dedicated platform for chemistry enthusiasts and students. Discover a wide array of free downloadable chemistry books and online study materials, catering to all levels of expertise. Our resources, available in formats like PDFs and online guides, ensure easy accessibility. Whether you're starting your chemistry journey or exploring advanced topics, our collection includes textbooks, comprehensive lecture notes, and study resources to support your learning. Join us in delving into the captivating realm of chemistry and access our carefully curated materials for an enriching educational experience.

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Principles and practices of agricultural analysis

This book explains the following topics: General Analytical Processes, Analysis of Mineral Phosphates, General Methods for Phosphoric Acid, The Citrate Method,Volumetric Determination of Phosphoric Acid, Titration of the Yellow Precipitate, Chemistry of the Manufacture of Superphosphates.

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Practical Manual Agriculture Chemistry

This note covers the following topics: Collection and processing of soil for analysis,Study of soil profile and Its characteristics, Study of soil forming rocks, Study of soil forming minerals, Determination of densities of soil, Determination of moisture content from soil and plant, Determination of maximum water holding capacity of soil, Determination of hydraulic conductivity of soil, Determination of texture of soil, Measurement of soil temperature and calculation of soil heat flux, Determination of EC and pH of soil ,  Determination of cation exchange capacity of soil, Estimation of organic carbon content in soil.

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Organic agricultural chemistry; a textbook of general agricultural chemistry or elementary bio chemistry for use in colleges, by Joseph Scudder Chamberlain

Agricultural chemistry is a subject presenting two quite distinct lines of study. The study of soils and fertilizers, including the relation of the plant to its soil food, is almost wholly inorganic and physical. On the other hand, the study of plants and animals as living organisms is as distinctly organic and physiological, embracing the greater part of what is termed Biochemistry. This has led the author to prepare one part of a textbook of General Agricultural Chemistry with this distinction in view, and to designate it as Organic Agricultural Chemistry The Chemistry of Plants and Animals.

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Elements of Agricultural Chemistry

Currently this section contains no detailed description for the page, will update this page soon.

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Analytical Chemistry Notes by Alagappa University

This note describes the following topics: Errors in chemical analysis, Data analysis, Comparison of Results, Electroids, Polarography, Cyclic voltammetry, chrono techniques, Chromatographic methods, Gas chromatography, Gas chromatogramass spectrometry, High pressure liquid chromatography, ION chromatography, Purification techniques and Ionic seperations.

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Fundamental Calculations in Analytical Chemistry

This note covers the following topics: Relevant units and expressions of concentration, Units, Some important terminologies, Specifying the concentrations of solutions, Preparing solutions from solids or liquids, General operational treatments before the analysis, Drying, Dissolution, digestion and extraction, Dilution and concentration of test solutions.

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Applied Chemistry by Jayashree A. Parikh

This note covers the following topics related to applied chemistry: corrosion, Alloys, Fuels, Composite Materials and Green Chemistry.

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Applied Chemistry II by University of Barcelona

This PDF covers the following topics related to Applied Chemistry : Information for students, Laboratory experiments, Preparation of stock solutions, Chemical reactions in test tubes, Acid–base titration, Synthesis of nickel(II) and copper(II) coordination compounds with amine ligands, Synthesis of aspirin, Separation of liquid mixtures by distillation, Extraction of caffeine from soft drinks, Reaction under reflux: synthesis of isoamyl acetate or banana oil, Absorption spectra, Use of a spectrophotometer to assess the Lambert-Beer law, Standardization of a permanganate solution by means of a redox titration, Enthalpy of a neutralization reaction, Electrochemical cells: processes and electromotive force, Potentiometric determination of the total acidity of vinegar, Estimation of the pKa of acetic acid, Kinetics of the reaction of a food dye with bleach.

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Philosophy of Astrophysics

This PDF covers the following topics related to Astrochemistry : Introduction, Theory, Observation, and the Relation Between Them, Laboratory Astrophysics: Lessons for Epistemology of Astrophysics, A Crack in the Track of the Hubble Constant, Theory Testing in Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics, Hybrid Enrichment of Theory and Observation in Next-Generation Stellar Population Synthesis, Doing More with Less: Dark Matter & Modified Gravity, Models and Simulations, Stellar Structure Models Revisited: Evidence and Data in Asteroseismology, Idealizations in Astrophysical Computer Simulations, Simulation Verification in Practice, Do We Learn from Code Comparisons A Case Study of Self-Interacting Dark Matter Implementations, Simulation and Experiment Revisited: Temporal Data in Astronomy and Astrophysics, What’s in a Survey? Simulation-Induced Selection Effects in Astronomy, On the Epistemology of Observational Black Hole Astrophysics, Black Holes and Analogy, Extragalactic Reality Revisited: Astrophysics and Entity Realism, Concluding Thoughts, Reflections by a Theoretical Astrophysicist.

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Astrochemistry during the formation of stars

This PDF covers the following topics related to Astrochemistry during the formation of stars : Introduction, Recent Advances and New Challenges, Chemical Inventories in Regions of Star Formation, Chemical Differentiation in the Environments of Star Formation, Linking the Physical and Chemical Evolution of Protostars, Fractionation, Origin and Evolution of Chemical Complexity.

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Biochemistry of Hormones

This book explains the following topics: Mechanisms Of Hormone Action, Peptide Hormones, Hormones Of The Pancreas, Hormones Of The Hypophysis Or Pituitary Gland, Hormone Of The Parathyroid Secretory Gland, Amino Acid Derivatives, Thyroidal Hormones Secretory Gland, Adrenal Medullary Hormones, Steroid Hormones, Steroids, Parahormones Or Tissue Hormones.

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Clinical Biochemistry by Charles University

This PDF covers the following topics related to BioChemistry : Pre-Analytical Effects on Laboratory Examinations, Reference Values and Methods for Their Determination, Analytical Properties of the Laboratory Method, Quality Control, Diagnostic Sensitivity, Specificity of the Method, Methods of Determination, Interrelations, Laboratory Screening, Basic Urine Tests, Kidney Function Tests, The Importance of Plasma Protein Assays, The Importance of Na, K, Cl Assays in Clinical Practice, Metabolism of Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium, Trace Elements, Vitamins, Thyroid, Hormones of hypothalamus and hypophysis, Adrenal Cortex Hormones, Disorders of Acid-Base Balance, Importance of Oxygen Assays, Importance of Osmolality Tests, Water Metabolism, Serum Lipids and Lipoproteins, Relation to Atherogenesis, Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis , Free Radicals, Relation to Diseases and Protection against Them, etc.

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Lecture note on Electrochemistry by Rajalakshmi Engineering college

This lecture note contains the following topics: introduction to Electrochemistry, Electrochemistry Question bank, Corrosion and electrochemical process, Batteries and fuel cells, Advanced materials, Nano materials and laboratory manual.

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Electrochemistry Fundamentals, Cells and Applications

This lecture note contains Redox Reactions and Faradays Laws, Equilibrium Electrochemistry, Electrodes and Interfaces, Electrolytes, Dynamic Electrochemistry, Industrial Electrochemistry, Energy Conversion and Storage, Analytical Methods and Sensors, Corrosion and Corrosion Protection.

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Lecture Notes Chemistry by Dr. Monalisa Mohapatra

This note explains the following topics: Dilute Solutions, Homogenous Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamic Concept, Thermochemistry, 2nd law of Thermodynamics.

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Chemistry Grades 10 12

This PDF covers the following topics for Chemistry : Classification of Matter, What are the objects around us made of?, The Atom, Atomic Combinations, Intermolecular Forces, Solutions and solubility, Atomic Nuclei, Thermal Properties and Ideal Gases, Organic Molecules, Organic Macromolecules, Physical and Chemical Change, Representing Chemical Change, Quantitative Aspects of Chemical Change, Energy Changes In Chemical Reactions, Types of Reactions, Reaction Rates, Electrochemical Reactions, The Water Cycle, Global Cycles: The Nitrogen Cycle, The Hydrosphere, The Lithosphere, The Atmosphere.

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Soil Geochemistry

This note covers Considerations prior to starting, Scale of sampling, Soils and Soil Development, Sites for Hosting Anomalies Within Soils, Sampling Protocols, Methods of Analysis and Challenges, Anomaly Formation and Some Final Comments.

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Geochemistry by W. M. White

This PDF covers the following topics related to Geochemistry : Energy, Entropy and Fundamental Thermodynamic Concepts, Solutions and Thermodynamics of Multicomponent Systems, Applications of Thermodynamics to the Earth, Kinetics: The Pace of Things, Aquatic Chemistry, Trace Elements in Igneous Processes, Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry, Stable Isotope Geochemistry.

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Phosphoric Acid Industry Problems and Solutions

Phosphoric acid is an important industrial acid that is utilized for manufacturing phosphatic fertilizers and industrial products, for pickling and posterior treatment of steel surfaces to prevent corrosion, for ensuring appropriate paint adhesion, and for the food and beverages industry, e.g., cola-type drinks to impart taste and slight acidity and to avoid iron sedimentation.

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Inorganic Chemistry for Chemical Engineers

This page online has the book Inorganic Chemistry for Chemical Engineers which covers the following topics related to Inorganic chemistry : Chemistry in context, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Geometry, Representative Metals, Metalloids, and Nonmetals, Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Fundamental Equilibrium Concepts, Equilibria of Other Reaction Classes, Acid-Base Equilibria, Thermodynamics.

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Chemistry Laboratory Techniquesby MIT

This book exlains the following topics: Transfer and Extraction Techniques, Purification of Solids by Recrystallization, Purification of Liquids by Distillation, Purification by Flash Column Chromatography, Protein Assays and Error Analysis, Introduction to Original Research, Technique Guides and Instrument Operation Guides.

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General Chemistry Laboratory Manual by Izmir Institute of Technology

This PDF Laboratory Chemistry Manual covers the following experiments : Laboratory Equipments, Measurements and Density, The Stoichiometry of a Reaction, Titration of Acids and Bases, Oxidation – Reduction Titration, Quantitative Analysis Based on Gas Properties, Thermochemistry: The Heat of Reaction, Group I: The Soluble Group, Gravimetric Analysis.

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Advanced Material Chemistry

The aim of this text is to enable the student to develop capabilities in self learning and understanding. Keeping these objectives in mind the book has been written in very simple language.

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Material Science And Engineering

This note covers the following topics: Classification of Materials, Metals, Polymers, Composite materials,Biomaterials, Materials And Packing, Crystal, Bravais Lattices, Crystal Structure, Atomic Packing Factor for Simple Cubic, Miller Indices, X Ray Crystallography.

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Organic Chemistry With a Biological Emphasis

This textbook is intended for a sophomore-level, two-semester course in Organic Chemistry targeted at Biology, Biochemistry, and Health Science majors. Topics covered includes: Organic structure and bonding, Conformation and Stereochemistry, Structure determination, Organic reactivity, Acid-base reactions, Nucleophilic substitution reactions.

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Organic Chemistry 1 An open textbook

This page covers the following topics related to Organic Chemistry : Bonding and Molecular Structure, Nomenclature, Isomerism and Conformations, Stereochemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Acids, Bases and Electron Flow, Organic Reactions, Nucleophilic Substitutions and Eliminations, Nucleophilic Substitions and Eliminations in Practice, Electrophilic Addition.

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Fundamentals of General and Physical Chemistry

This note on Fundamentals of general and physical chemistry covers matter and its particulate nature, Atoms and molecules, Chemical bonding, Gases, Chemical equilibrium, Acids and bases, Chemical thermodynamics, Oxidation Reduction Reactions, Chemical Kinetics, Phase Equilibria, Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of Electrolytic Solution, Thermochemistry and Chromatography.

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Physical Chemistry by Andras Grofcsik

This PDF covers the following topics related to Physical Chemistry : Basic Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics of Systems, Mixtures, Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics.

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X Ray Spectroscopy

This note explains the following topics: XRF Processes and Techniques, X Ray Spectroscopy Tools for  the Characterization of Nanoparticles, , High Resolution X Ray Spectroscopy  with Compound Semiconductor  Detectors and Digital Pulse Processing Systems, Analysis of the K Satellite  Lines in X-Ray Emission Spectra, Characterization and Analytical Applications of X Rays, Dispersive X Ray Spectroscopy, Quantification in X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, Quantification in X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, Employing Soft X Rays in Experimental Astrochemistry, Application of Stopped-Flow and Time-Resolved  X Ray Absorption Spectroscopy to the Study  of Metalloproteins Molecular Mechanisms, Nanoscale Chemical Analysis in Various  Interfaces with Energy Dispersive X Ray  Spectroscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy.

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Mass Spectrometry Scripps

This page covers the following topics related to Mass Spectrometry : Basics of Mass Spectrometry, What is Mass Spectrometry, Basics, Ionization, Mass Analyzers, Detectors, The Vacuum.

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The use of supramolecular chemistry concepts

This note covers the following topics: the role of crystallography in understanding coordination compounds, the versatility of dpk and its derivatives as ligands, the synthesis and analysis of triangular lanthanide clusters, the coordination behavior of transition metals with dpk and its derivatives, the synthesis and analysis of rare earth metal complexes, and attempts to create bimetallic complexes using dpk derived ligands.

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Supramolecular Chemistry by Srinivasan College Of Arts And Science

This note covers the following topics: Concepts of Supramolecular Chemistry, Metallo Organic Frameworks, Supramolecular Reactivity and Catalysis, Supramolecular Devices.

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Surface Analysis by Gabor Dobos

This note covers Surface sensitive analytical methods, Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy, Principle of operation, Properties, SIMS spectra, Depth profiles, Auger Electron Spectroscopy, X ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Other methods.

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Unified Surface Analysis Manual

This PDF covers the following topics related to Surface Analysis : Surface Analysis – Its History at the Analysis Centers, Features Depicted on the Unified Surface Analysis, Datasets available for creation of the Unified Analysis,  Creation/Merging of the Unified Surface Analysis, Bibliography.

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Lecture note on Physical Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry

This note covers basic concepts of quantum mechanics, Many electron system, Electronic Structure of atoms and electronic structure of molecules.

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Advanced Theoretical Chemistry by Jack Simons

This page covers the following topics related to Advanced Theoretical Chemistry : The Basics of Quantum Mechanics, Model Problems That Form Important Starting Points, Characteristics of Energy Surfaces, Some Important Tools of Theory, An Overview of Theoretical Chemistry, Electronic Structure, Statistical Mechanics, Chemical dynamics.

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