Business and Finance eBooks


Business and Finance eBooks

This section contains free e-books and guides on Business and Finance, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Recently Added Books

Introduction to Accounting Notes by JacquelinePeters Richardson

This note covers the following topics: Double Entry System of Accounting, Financial Accounting and Adjustments,Analysing and Interpreting of Financial Statements and Control Systems, Financial Statements of other organizations.

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Cost Accounting Study Material

This book explains the following topics:  concept of Material, meaning of raw material, process of material planning, Purchasing, Receiving and Inspection, Overheads, Overhead Distribution, Cost Unit, Cost Centre And Profit Centre.

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Lecture Note on Money and Banking

This Lecture note covers the following topics: money introduction, Function of money, Classification of money, Principles and methods of note issue, Value of money, Meaning and Theories of value of money, Economic fluctuations and their impact on economic growth structure, Monetary standards and present currency system of India, Bank meaning and functions, Money Market, Central banking, Banker customer relationship, Negotiable instruments, Bankers clearing house, Banking regulation act,1949 and RBI act 1934.

s318 Pages

Banking Online Student Handbook

Bank is an institution that deals in money. Banks accept deposits and make loans and derive a profit from the difference in the interest rates paid and charged, respectively moreover it provides other financial services.This PDF book covers the following topics to Banking : Definition and Functions of Banking and Indian Banking System, Banker & Customer, Employment of Bank Funds, Laws Relating to Negotiable Instruments, Communication at Workplace.

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Business Plan Development

This book is designed to help prepare future entrepreneurs to formalize and communicate their business idea to a variety of audiences including potential funders such as banks, other lending institutions, government agencies, and venture capitalists. This course will help ensure that future entrepreneurs understand how to conduct a competitor analysis by asking key questions about their competitors.

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Lecture note for Business Cycles

This lecture note covers Basic real business cycle model, Comparative Statics of Equilibrium in RBC, Quantitative Validity of the Real Business Cycle Model, Extensions of the basic RBC model, Price Rigidity, Models with sticky prices and Monetary Policy.

s164 Pages

Business Communication by Ambo University

This book covers the following topics: An overview of communication, Processes of Communication, Principles of Effective Communication, Types and Models of Business Communication, International and inter cultural business communication and Media of Communication.

s105 Pages

Note on Business Communication for Success

This book explains Effective Business Communication, Delivering Your Message, Understanding Your Audience, Effective Business Writing, Writing Preparation, Writing, Revising and Presenting Your Writing, Feedback in the Writing Process, Business Writing in Action, Developing Business Presentations, Nonverbal Delivery, Organization and Outlines, Presentations to Inform, Presentations to Persuade, Business Presentations in Action, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Business Communication, Negative News and Crisis Communication, Intercultural and International Business Communication and Group Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership.

s660 Pages

Lecture Notes on E commerce and Cyber Laws VSSUT

The PDF available at the given link is a set of lecture notes on the topic of E-business. The notes cover various aspects of e-business, including its definition, benefits, and challenges. The notes also provide an overview of e-commerce and its various models, such as B2B and B2C. In addition, the notes cover topics such as online marketing, social media marketing, and mobile commerce. Overall, the notes offer a comprehensive introduction to e-business and are a useful resource for students and professionals interested in the field.

s77 Pages

Introduction to E Commerce

This note covers the following topics: Internet and Website Establishments, Benefits of E-Commerce, The Limitations of E-Commerce, Types of E-Commerce, Barriers to E-Commerce, E-Commerce Applications, E-Commerce and Electronic Business, E-Commerce with WWW-internet, Approaches To Safe E-commerce, Electronic Cash and Electronic Payment Scheme, Internet or Intranet Security Issues and Solutions, Law Related To IT Act.

s144 Pages

Principles Of Economics Study Material

The objective of this book to familiarize the students with the basic concepts of economics such as Demand, Supply, Goods, Utility and enable the students to understand basic theories, Principles and laws relating to Consumption, Production and Distribution.

s165 Pages

Principles Of Economics by Alagappa University

This note covers the following topics: Nature, Definition and Utility of Economics, Demand, Production and Population Theories, Optimum Theories Law of Supply,Time Management and Theories of Wages and Distribution.

s252 Pages

Introduction to Entrepreneurship by Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth

This note describes the following topics: entrepreneurship, From ideas to a sustainable business, New business ventures, The business plan, Marketing, Technology, legal and ethical considerations.

s129 Pages

Lecture Notes on Entrepreneurship

This lecture note covers the following topics: Entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Personality and Launching An Entrepreneurial Venture.

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International Finance University Of Mumbai

This note describes the following topics: The History of International Monetary System, Modern Exchange Rate Management Systems, Eurocurrency Markets, The Foreign Exchange ManagementAct , Determination of Exchange Rate, Purchasing Power Parity Theory, Interest Rate Parity Theory, Modern Foreign Exchange Markets , Forex Market Deals , International DEBT Market, International Equity Market and Instruments.

s106 Pages

Notes on Corporate Finance

This note covers the following topics: Accounting Statements and Cash Flow, Financial Markets and NPV First Principles of Finance, Net Present Value, How to Value Bonds and Stocks, Some Alternative Investment Rules, NPV and Capital Budgeting, Strategy and Analysis in Using NPV, Capital Market Theory, Return and Risk CAPM, An Alternative View of Risk and Return APT, Risk, cost of Capital, and Capital Budget, Corporate financing Decisions and Efficient Capital Market, Long Term Financing An Introduction, Capital Structure  Basic Concepts, Capital Structure: Limits to the Use of Debt, Valuation and Capital Budgeting for the Levered Firm, Dividend policy, Issuing Securities to the Public, Long Term Debt, Leasing, Options and Corporate Finance Basic Concepts, Options and Corporate Finance: Extensions and Applications, Warrants and Convertibles, Derivatives and Hedging Risk, Mergers and acquisitions and Financial Distress.

s59 Pages

Notes on Financial Planning

This note explains the following topics: Administrative Function for Financial Plan, Financial Plan Type, Financial Planning, Understanding Financial Planning, Create or Modify Plan, Link Goals to Portfolio and Track Goals.

s93 Pages

Financial Planning and Working Capital Management

This note covers the following topics: Financial Planning process, Financial Forecasting, Working Capital Management, Cash Management, Inventory Management and Receivables management.

s91 Pages

Personnel Management Concepts

This note covers the following topics: introduction to Personnel Management, Emerging Role of Personnel Management, Personnel Policies, Personnel Records, Audit and Research, Human Resource Planning, Job and Role Analysis, Recruitment and Selection, Human Resource Accounting and Information System, Employee Training, Management Development, Performance Appraisal, Wage and Salary Administration and Incentives and Employee Benefits.

s243 Pages

Lecture note on Human Resource Management

This lecture note covers an overview of HRM, Human resource management, Job analysis and HR planning, Recruitment and selection.

s137 Pages

Management and Leadership Skills in Local Government

This note covers Introduction, Overview of Management and Leadership in Local Government, Introduction to Decentralization in Uganda, Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders in Local Government and Building Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations.

s62 Pages

Leadership and Management Notes

This note explains the following topics: Leadership, Staff management, Salaries and bonuses, Development of staff as professional resources, Caring for and managing yourself, Finances, Organizations their structure, Dynamic and relationship with others and organizational questionnaire.

s194 Pages

Sales Management by Dr. Pavitar Parkash Singh

The purpose of this note is to familiarise students with the principles, strategies and skills of selling and managing the selling function. This course also provides an understanding of the tools and techniques necessary to effectively manage the sales function, the sales organization and the sales individual.

s229 Pages

Strategic Marketing in the Global Forest Industries

This book online covers the following topics related to Marketing and Sales : The Context of the Forest Industry and its Markets, Understanding Forest Products Marketing, The Marketing Environment, an Information Approach, Strategy and Strategic Planning, Marketing Structures, Marketing Functions, Putting together a Marketing Plan.

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Project Management SE

This book online covers the basics of project management. This includes the process of initiation, planning, execution, control, and closeout that all projects share. The contents include : Project Management: Past and Present, Project Management Overview, The Project Life Cycle (Phases), Framework for Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Culture and Project Management, Project Initiation, Overview of Project Planning, Scope Planning, Project Schedule Planning, Resource Planning, Budget Planning, Procurement Management, Quality Planning, Communications Planning, Risk Management Planning, Project Implementation Overview, Project Completion, Celebrate!.

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Project Management from Simple to Complex

This book online covers the following topics related to Project Management : Introduction to Project Management, Project Profiling, Project Phases and Organization, Understanding and Meeting Client Expectations, Working with People on Projects, Communication Technologies, Starting a Project, Project Time Management, Estimating and Managing Costs, Managing Project Quality, Managing Project Risk, Project Procurement and Closure.

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management by Gabe Burton

This note explains the following topics: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Classification of Entrepreneurship, Elements of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Market Relations, Innovative Strategies Used in Entrepreneurship, External Financing in Entrepreneurship, Predictors of Success in Entrepreneurship, Ecosystem in Entrepreneurship, Bootstrapping in Entrepreneurship, Supporting Aspects of Entrepreneurship and Various Types of Entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship.

s253 Pages

Entrepreneurship and Management and Smart Technology

This note describes the following topics: concept of organisation and enterprise management, Entrepreneurship, Financial accounting and cost control, Financial management, Stores and purchase management, production management, Sales and marketing management, Human resource management, Industrial sickness and industrial legislation.

s103 Pages