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This section contains free e-books and guides on Mathematics, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

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Algebraic Geometry I Lecture Notes Roman Bezrukavnikov

The contents of this book include: Course Introduction, Zariski topology, Affine Varieties, Projective Varieties, Noether Normalization, Grassmannians, Finite and Affine Morphisms, More on Finite Morphisms and Irreducible Varieties, Function Field, Dominant Maps, Product of Varieties, Separateness, Sheaf Functors and Quasi-coherent Sheaves, Quasi-coherent and Coherent Sheaves, Invertible Sheaves, (Quasi)coherent sheaves on Projective Spaces, Divisors and the Picard Group, Bezout’s Theorem, Abel-Jacobi Map, Elliptic Curves, KSmoothness, Canonical Bundles, the Adjunction Formulaahler Differentials, Cotangent Bundles of Grassmannians, Bertini’s Theorem, Coherent Sheves on Curves, Derived Functors, Existence of Sheaf Cohomology, Birkhoff-Grothendieck, Riemann-Roch, Serre Duality, Proof of Serre Duality.

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Lectures notes in universal algebraic geometry Artem N. Shevlyakov

The contents of this book include: Introduction, Algebraic structures, Subalgebras, direct products, homomorphisms, Equations and solutions, Algebraic sets and radicals, Equationally Noetherian algebras, Coordinate algebras, Main problems of universal algebraic geometry, Properties of coordinate algebras, Coordinate algebras of irreducible algebraic sets, When all algebraic sets are irreducible, The intervention of model theory, Geometrical equivalence, Unifying theorems, Appearances of constants, Coordinate algebras with constants, Equational domains, Types of equational compactness, Advances of algebraic geometry and further reading.

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Algebraic Topology A Comprehensive Introduction

This book explains the following topics: Introduction, Fundamental group, Classification of compact surfaces, Covering spaces, Homology, Basics of Cohomology, Cup Product in Cohomology, Poincaré Duality, Basics of Homotopy Theory, Spectral Sequences. Applications, Fiber bundles, Classifying spaces, Applications, Vector Bundles, Characteristic classes, Cobordism, Applications.

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Algebraic Topology I Iv.5 Stefan Friedl

The contents of this book include: Topological spaces, General topology: some delicate bits, Topological manifolds and manifolds, Categories, functors and natural transformations, Covering spaces and manifolds, Homotopy equivalent topological spaces, Differential topology, Basics of group theory, The basic Seifert-van Kampen Theorem , Presentations of groups and amalgamated products, The general Seifert-van Kampen Theorem , Cones, suspensions, cylinders, Limits, etc .

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Mathematics For Architecture

This note explains the following topics: Mathematics in Design, Mathematics and Measurements, Statistics and Probability, Differential and Integral Calculus, Trigonometry.

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Mathematics for Computer Scientists

This note covers the following topics: Types and sets, Basic logic, Classical tautologies, Natural numbers, Primitive recursion, Inductive types, Predicates and relations, Subset and Quotients, Functions.

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Basic Algebra by Anthony W. Knapp

The contents include: Preliminaries About the Integers, Polynomials, and Matrices, Vector Spaces Over Q, R, and C, Inner-product Spaces, Groups and Group Actions, Theory of a Single Linear Transformation , Multilinear Algebra, Advanced Group Theory, . Commutative Rings and Their Modules, Fields and Galois Theory, Modules Over Noncommutative Rings.

s762 Pages

Basic Algebra HELM

The contents include: Mathematical Notation and Symbols, Indices, Simplification and Factorisation, Arithmetic of Algebraic Fractions, Formulae and Transposition.

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Fundamentals of Mathematics

This note covers the following topics: Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers, Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers, Exponents, Roots, and Factorization of Whole Numbers, Introduction to Fractions and Multiplication and Division of Fractions, Addition and Subtraction of Fractions, Comparing Fractions, and Complex Fractions, Decimals, Ratios and Rates, Techniques of Estimation, Measurement and Geometry, Signed Numbers, Algebraic Expressions and Equations.

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Lecture Notes On Mathematical Methods

The objective of this note is to survey topics in mathematics, including multidimensional calculus, ordinary differential equations, perturbation methods, vectors and tensors, linear analysis, linear algebra, and non-linear dynamic systems.

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Single Variable Calculus MIT

This book explains the following topics: Derivatives, Derivatives, slope, velocity, rate of change, Limits, continuity, Trigonometric limits, Derivatives of products, quotients, sine, cosine, Chain rule, Higher derivatives, Implicit differentiation, inverses, Exponential and log, Logarithmic differentiation, hyperbolic functions, Applications of Differentiation, Linear and quadratic approximations ,Curve sketching, Max-min problems, Newton’s method and other applications, Mean value theorem, Inequalities, Differentials, antiderivatives, Differential equations, separation of variables, Integration, Techniques of Integration.

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Exercises and Problems in Calculus

This is a set of exercises and problems for a standard beginning calculus. A fair number of the exercises involve only routine computations, many of the exercises and most of the problems are meant to illuminate points that in my experience students have found confusing.

s374 Pages

Combinatorics The Art of Counting, Bruce E. Sagan

The contents of this book include: Basic Counting, Counting with Signs, Counting with Ordinary Generating Functions, Counting with Exponential Generating Functions, Counting with Partially Ordered Sets, Counting with Group Actions, Counting with Symmetric Functions, Counting with Quasisymmetric Functions, Introduction to Representation Theory.

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Algebraic Combinatorics Lecture Notes

This book explains the following topics: Diagram Algebras and Hopf Algebras, Group Representations, Sn-Representations Intro, Decomposition and Specht Modules, Fundamental Specht Module Properties and Branching Rules, Representation Ring for Sn and its Pieri Formula, Pieri for Schurs, Kostka Numbers, Dual Bases, Cauchy Identity, Finishing Cauchy, Littlewood-Richardson Rule, Frobenius Characteristic Map, Algebras and Coalgebras, Skew Schur Functions and Comultiplication, Sweedler Notation, k-Coalgebra Homomorphisms, Subcoalgebras, Coideals, Bialgebras, Bialgebra Examples, Hopf Algebras Defined, Properties of Antipodes and Takeuchi’s Formula, etc.

s101 Pages

Notes for Math 520 Complex Analysis Ko Honda

The contents of this book include: Complex numbers, Polynomials and rational functions, Riemann surfaces and holomorphic maps, Fractional linear transformations, Power series, More Series, Exponential and trigonometric functions, Arcs, curves, etc, Inverse functions and their derivatives, Line integrals, Cauchy’s theorem, The winding number and Cauchy’s integral formula, Higher derivatives, including Liouville’s theorem, Removable singularities, Taylor’s theorem, zeros and poles, Analysis of isolated singularities, Local mapping properties, Maximum principle, Schwarz lemma, and conformal mappings, Weierstrass’ theorem and Taylor series, Plane topology, The general form of Cauchy’s theorem, Residues, Schwarz reflection principle, Normal families, Arzela-Ascoli, Riemann mapping theorem, Analytic continuation, Universal covers and the little Picard theorem.

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Complex Analysis IDOL

This book explains the following topics: Introduction to Complex Number System, Sequences of Complex Numbers, Series of Complex Number, Differentiability, Complex Logarithm, Analytic Functions, Complex Integration, Cauchy Theorem, Theorems in Complex Analysis, Maximum and Minimum Modulus principle, Singularities, Residue Calculus and Meromorphic Functions, Mobius Transformation.

s294 Pages

Differential Calculus Notes For Mathematics 100 and 180

The contents include: The basics, Limits, Derivatives, Applications of derivatives, Numbers, Sets, Other important sets, Functions, Parsing formulas, Inverse functions, Another limit and computing velocity, The limit of a function, Calculating limits with limit laws, Continuity, Revisiting tangent lines, Interpretations of the derivative, Proofs of the arithmetic of derivatives, Derivatives of Exponential Functions, Derivatives of trigonometric functions, The natural logarithm, Implicit Differentiation, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, The Mean Value Theorem, Higher order derivatives, Velocity and acceleration, Related rates, Optimisation, Sketching graphs, Introduction to antiderivatives, Carbon dating, Population growth, Some examples, Further examples, The error in the Taylor polynomial approximations, Local and global maxima and minima, Finding global maxima and minima, Symmetries, A checklist for sketching, Sketching examples, Standard examples, Variations.

s391 Pages

Calculus I Compact Lecture Notes by ACC Coolen

The contents include: Introduction, Proof by induction, Complex numbers, Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, Functions, limits and differentiation, Integration, Taylor’s theorem and series, Exercises.

s135 Pages

Differential Equations Jeffrey R. Chasnov

The contents of this book include: A short mathematical review, Introduction to odes, First-order odes , Second-order odes, constant coefficients, The Laplace transform, Series solutions, Systems of equations, Nonlinear differential equations, Partial differential equations.

s149 Pages

Differential Equations by MIT

This book explains the following topics: IFirst-order differential equations, Direction fields, existence and uniqueness of solutions, Numerical methods, Linear equations, models, Complex numbers, roots of unity, Second-order linear equations, Modes and the characteristic polynomial, Good vibrations, damping conditions, Exponential response formula, spring drive, Complex gain, dashpot drive, Operators, undetermined coefficients, resonance, Frequency response, LTI systems, superposition, RLC circuits, Engineering applications, Fourier series, Operations on fourier series , Periodic solutions; resonance, Step functions and delta functions, Step response, impulse response, Convolution, First order systems, Linear systems and matrice, Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, etc.

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Classical Differential Geometry Peter Petersen

This book explains the following topics: General Curve Theory, Planar Curves, Space Curves, Basic Surface Theory, Curvature of Surfaces, Surface Theory, Geodesics and Metric Geometry, Riemannian Geometry, Special Coordinate Representations.

s256 Pages

Differential Geometry by Rui Loja Fernandes

This note covers the following topics: Manifolds as subsets of Euclidean space, Abstract Manifolds, Tangent Space and the Differential, Embeddings and Whitney’s Theorem, The de Rham Theorem, Lie Theory, Differential Forms, Fiber Bundles.

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Lectures on differential topology by Alexander Kupers

The contents include: Spheres in Euclidean space, Smooth manifolds, Submanifolds and tori, Smooth maps and their derivatives, Tangent bundles, Immersions and submersions, Quotients and coverings, Three further examples of manifolds, Partitions of unity and the weak Whitney embedding theorem, Transversality and the improved preimage theorem, Stable and generic classes of smooth maps, Transverse maps are generic, Knot theory, Orientations and integral intersection theory, Integration on manifolds, De Rham cohomology, Invariant forms in de Rham cohomology, First fundamental theorem of Morse theory, Second fundamental theorem of Morse theory, Outlook.

s279 Pages

An Introduction to Differential Topology, de Rham Theory and Morse Theory

This note covers the following topics: Basics of Differentiable Manifolds, Local structure of smooth maps, Transversality Theory, IDifferential Forms and de Rham Theory, TIensors and some Riemannian Geometry.

s80 Pages

Lecture Notes On Discrete Mathematical Structures iare

The contents include: Mathematical Logic, Relations, Algebraic structures, Recurrence Relation, Graph Theory.

s95 Pages

Elements of Discrete Mathematics by Richard Hammack

This book covers the following topics: Discrete Systems,Sets, Logic, Counting, Discrete Probability, Algorithms, Quantified Statements, Direct Proof, Proofs Involving Sets, Proving Non-Conditional Statements, Cardinality of Sets, Complexity of Algorithms.

s479 Pages

Integral Calculus Miguel A. Lerma

The contents of this book include: Integrals, Applications of Integration, Differential Equations, Infinite Sequences and Series, Hyperbolic Functions, Various Formulas, Table of Integrals.

s120 Pages

Measure and Integration

This graduate-level lecture note covers Lebesgue's integration theory with applications to analysis, including an introduction to convolution and the Fourier transform.

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Linear Algebra Jim Hefferon

This books covers the following topics: Linear Systems, Vector Spaces, Maps Between Spaces, Determinants, Similarity.

s525 Pages

A First Course in Linear Algebra by Ilijas Farah and K. Kuttler

The contents of this book include: Systems of Equations, Matrices, Determinants, Linear Transformations, Complex Numbers, Spectral Theory, Some Curvilinear Coordinate Systems, Vector Spaces.

s608 Pages

Mathematical Analysis Lecture Notes by Anil Tas

The contents include: The Real And Complex Number Systems, Sets And Functions, Basic Topology, Sequences And Series, Continuity, Sequences And Series Of Functions, Figures.

s90 Pages

Analysis I by Vicky Neale

The contents include: Introduction, Axioms for arithmetic in R, Properties of arithmetic in R, Ordering the real numbers, Inequalities and arithmetic, The modulus of a real number, The complex numbers, Upper and lower bounds, Supremum, infimum and completeness, Existence of roots, More consequences of completeness, Countability, More on countability, Introduction to sequences, Convergence of a sequence, Bounded and unbounded sequences, Complex sequences, Subsequences, Orders of magnitude, Monotonic sequences, Convergent subsequences, Cauchy sequences, Convergence for series, More on the Comparison Test, Ratio Test, Integral Test, Power series, Radius of convergence, Differentiation Theorem.

s114 Pages

Probability Theory 1 Lecture Notes

The contents include: Introduction, Preliminary Results, Distributions, Random Variables, Expectation, Independence, Weak Law of Large Numbers, Borel-Cantelli Lemmas, Strong Law of Large Numbers, Random Series, Weak Convergence, Characteristic Functions, Central Limit Theorems, Poisson Convergence, Stein's Method, Random Walk Preliminaries, Stopping Times, Recurrence, Path Properties, Law of The Iterated Logarithm.

s123 Pages

Probability Theory Lecture Notes by Phanuel Mariano

The contents include: Combinatorics, Axioms of Probability, Independence, Conditional Probability and Independence, Random Variables, Some Discrete Distributions, Continuous Random Variable, Normal Distributions, Normal approximations to the binomial, Some continuous distributions, Multivariate distributions, Expectations, Moment generating functions, Limit Laws.

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