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Electronics and Communications

This section contains free e-books and guides on Electronics and Communications, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Recently Added Books

New techniques in I.F. amplifier design

This book covers the following topics: Design Considerations, Amplifier Design and Alignment, Characteristics of Direct Coupled H.F. Amplifier.

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Power Amplifier Design for LTE

This note covers the following topics: Types of power amplifiers, modeling methods, slide screw tuner, optimized amplifier, amplifier measurements and amplifier with driver.

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Antenna basics

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Antenna fundamentals amp; definitions

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Introduction to Digital Electronics

This note explains the basic concepts about charges and currents, develop devices an circuits to translate design concepts into reality, and some high level applications including logic circuits, amplifiers, power supplies, and communications links.

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Digital Electronics lecture Notes

This lecture note is an introduction to build digital integrated circuits with emphasis on the transistor level aspects of IC design. Topics to be covered are CMOS logic design, integrated circuit processing, layout design, transistor sizing, combinational circuit design, sequential logic, power dissipation, crossing clock domains, memory circuits, and I/O circuits.

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Electromagnetics and Applications

This book covers the following topics: Introduction to Electromagnetics and Electromagnetic Field, Introduction to Electrodynamics, Electromagnetic Fields in Simple Devices and Circuits, Static and Quasistatic Field, Electromagnetic Forces, Actuators and Sensors, Motors and Generators, TEM Transmission Lines, Fast Electronics and Transient Behavior on TEM Lines, Electromagnetic Waves, Antennas and Radiation, Optical Communication and Acoustics.

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Electromagnetic Field Theory A Problem Solving Approach

This text is an introductory treatment on the junior level for a two semester electrical engineering course starting from the Coulomb Lorentz force law on a point charge. The theory is extended by the continuous superposition of solutions from previously developed simpler problems leading to the general integral and differential field laws. Often the same problem is solved by different methods so that the advantages and limitations of each approach becomes clear. Sample problems and their solutions are presented for each new concept with great emphasis placed on classical models of physical phenomena such as polarization, conduction, and magnetization.

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RF Mixers

This note covers the following topics: Conversion Gain or Loss, Input Intercept Point, Operating Frequency Range, High Frequency Dual gate GaAs FET Mixer Design, Balanced Mixers, JFET Mixers, Quad MOSFET Mixers, Image Reject Mixers, Single Sideband (SSB),or In Phase or Quadrature (I/Q)Mixers, Errors of an IQ Mixer, Sub Harmonic Mixers.

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Integrated LNA and Mixer Basics

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