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Free Physics Books

This section contains free e-books and guides on Physics, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloadable.

Recently Added Free Physics Books

Phyical Astronomy Crossfield

This PDF covers the following topics related to Astronomy : Introduction to Astrophysics, Size and Distance Scales, Stars: A Basic Overview, Temperature, Luminosity, and Energy, Energy Sources, The Two-Body Problem and Kepler’s Laws, Binary Systems, Exoplanets, Planets, and the Solar System, Gravitational Waves, Radiation, Radiative Transfer, Stellar Classification, Spectra, and Some Thermodynamics, Stellar Atmospheres, Timescales in Stellar Interiors, Stellar Structure, Stability, Instability, and Convection, Polytropes, An Introduction to Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Reaction Pathways, End Stages of Nuclear Burning, Stellar Evolution: The Core, Stellar Evolution: The Rest of the Picture, On the Deaths of Massive Stars, Compact Objects, Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Accretion, Fluid Mechanics, The Interstellar Medium, Exoplanet Atmospheres, The Big Bang, Our Starting Point, Thermal and Thermodynamic Equilibrium, Energy Transport.

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Astronomy The Search for Life in the Universe

This note explains the following topics: Origins of Everything: The Universe, the first elements, galaxies, and the Cosmic Web, Stars, elements, and stellar graveyards, Formation of planetary systems: Our solar system, structure, planets, and debris, Life on Earth, Life in the solar system, Exoplanets and the number of Earths in the Galaxy, Remote sensing of exoplanet atmospheres and the Galaxy, Future prospects for terrestrial life: whither Homo Sapiens.

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Biophysics Searching for Principles

This PDF covers the following topics related to Biophysics : Photon counting in vision, Noise isn’t negligible, No fine tuning, Efficient representation, Poisson processes, Correlations, Electronic transition in large molecules, Cooperativity, X–ray diffraction and biomolecular structure, Dimensionality reduction, Maximum entropy, Measuring information transmission.

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Theoretical Biophysics by Ulrich Schwarz

This PDF covers the following topics related to Biophysics : Review of some basic physics, Biomolecular interactions and dynamics, Electrostatistics and genome packing, Binding and assembly, Physics of membranes and red blood cells, Physics of polymers, Molecular motors, Diffusion, Reaction kinetics.

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Introduction to Computational Physics by Prof. H. J. Herrmann

This PDF covers the following topics related to Computational Physics : Stochastic Processes, Random Numbers, Percolationl, Fractals, Monte Carlo Methods, Solving Systems of Equations Numerically, Solving Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations.

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Computational Physics by Gilbert Weinstein

This PDF covers the following topics related to Computational Physics : The pendulum, Kepler orbits, The restricted planar three body problem, Linear wave equations in one dimension, Wave equations in higher dimensions.

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Electrodynamics byDaniel F. Styer

This PDF covers the following topics related to Electrodynamics : Electrostatics and Magnetostatics, Vector Calculus, Conservation of Charge and the Maxwell Equations, Energy and Momentum, Electromagnetic Waves, Potentials and Gauges, Resultant Potentials and Fields, Relativistic Electrodynamics, Atmospheric Optics, Pictorializing divergence and curl.

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Classical Electrodynamics by UOA

This PDF course introduces the classical theory of electrodynamics describing the interactions of charged particles among themselves and with electromagnetic fields and covers the following topics related to Classical Electrodynamics : Historical remarks and motivation, Electrostatics, Boundary value problems in electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Time varying fields and Maxwell’s equations, Radiation.

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Advanced Fluid Mechanics by Dr. Prakash Chandra Swain

This PDF covers the following topics related to Advanced Fluid Mechanics : Introduction: Survey of Fluid Mechanics, Structure of Fluid Mechanics Based on Rheological, Temporal Variation, Fluid Type, Motion Characteristic and spatial Dimensionality Consideration, Approaches in Solving Fluid Flow Problems, Fundamental idealizations and Descriptions of Fluid Motion, Quantitative Definition of Fluid and Flow, Reynolds Transport Theorem, Mass, Momentum and Energy Conservation Principles for Fluid Flow. Potential Flow: Frictionless Irrotational Motions, 2 - Dimensional Stream Function and Velocity Potential Function in Cartesian and Cylindrical Polar Coordinate Systems, Standard Patterns of Flow, Source, Sink, Uniform Flow and irrotational vortex, Combinations of Flow Patterns, method of Images in Solving Groundwater Flow problems, Method of Conformal transformations.

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Lecture Notes On Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

This note covers the following topics: Fluid Statics, Fluid Dynamics, Basics Of Turbo Machinery, Hydraulic Turbines and Centrifugal Pumps.

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Introduction to Physics For Mathematicians

This PDF covers the following topics related to Introductory Physics : Classical mechanics, Conservation laws, Poisson structures, Observables and states, Operators in Hilbert space, Canonical quantization, Harmonic oscillator, Central potential,The Schr¨odinger representation, Abelian varieties and theta functions, Fibre G-bundles, Gauge fields, Klein-Gordon equation, Yang-Mills equations, Spinors, The Dirac equation, Quantization of free fields, Path integrals, Feynman diagrams, Quantization of Yang-Mills fields.

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Accelerator Physics

This book provides a glance view on phase space dynamics of electron beam, motion of relativistic electrons in three-dimensional ideal undulator magnetic field, numerical simulation of electron multi-beam linear accelerator EVT, nuclear safety design of high energy accelerator facilities, and radiation safety aspects of operation of electron linear accelerators.

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Kinetic Theory and Swarming Tools to Modeling Complex Systems

The PDF book has a number of articles related to the following topics related to Kinetic Theory and Swarming Tools to Modeling Complex Systems : Kinetic Theory and Swarming Tools to Modeling Complex Systems - Symmetry problems in the Science of Living Systems, On the Complex Interaction between Collective Learning and Social Dynamics, Diffusive and Anti-Diffusive Behavior for Kinetic Models of Opinion Dynamics, Forecasting Efficient Risk/Return Frontier for Equity Risk with a KTAP Approach - A Case Study in Milan Stock Exchange, Numerical Simulation of a Multiscale Cell Motility Model Based on the Kinetic Theory of Active Particles, Kinetic Model for Vehicular Traffic with Continuum Velocity and Mean Field Interactions, A Critical Analysis of Behavioural Crowd Dynamics—From a Modelling Strategy to Kinetic Theory Methods, Particle Methods Simulations by Kinetic Theory Models of Human Crowds Accounting for Stress Conditions.

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Kinetic Transport Theory Christian Schmeiser

Kinetic transport equations are mathematical descriptions of the dynamics of large particle ensembles in terms of a phase space (i.e. position-velocity space) distribution function. The PDF covers the following topics related to Kinetic Transport Theory : A formal derivation of the Boltzmann equation, Formal properties and macroscopic limits, Velocity averaging, Global existence for the Boltzmann equation.

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Mathematical Method of Physics by Njah

The PDF covers the following topics related to Mathematical Physics : Linear Algebra, Vector Space or Linear Space, Matrix Theory, Complex Matrices, Matrix Algebra, Consistency of Equations, Solution of Sets of Equations, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a Matrix, Transformation, Bases and Dimension, Functional Analysis, Normed Spaces, Special Functions, the Gamma and Beta Functions, Bessel’s Functions, Legendre’s Polynomials, Hermite Polynomials, Laguerre Polynomials, Integral Transform and Fourier Series, Laplace Transform, the Dirac Delta Function &

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Mathematical Physics by Michael Aizenman

The PDF covers the following topics related to Mathematical Physics : Introduction to statistical mechanics, Canonical Ensembles for the Lattice Gas, Configurations and ensembles, The equivalence principle, Generalizing Ensemble Analysis to Harder Cases, Concavity and the Legendre transform, Basic concavity results, Concave properties of the Legendre transform, Basic setup for statistical mechanics, Gibbs equilibrium measure, Introduction to the Ising model, Entropy, energy, and free energy, Large deviation theory, Free energy, Basic Properties, Convexity of the pressure and its implications, Large deviation principle for van Hove sequences, 1-D Ising model, Transfer matrix method, Markov chains, 7 2-D Ising model, Ihara graph zeta function, Gibbs states in the infinite volume limit, Conditional expectation, Symmetry and symmetry breaking, Phase transitions, Random field models, Proof of symmetry-breaking of continuous symmetries, The spin-wave perspective, Infrared bound, Reflection positivity.

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Orbital Mechanics by Anil V. Rao

The PDF explains the following topics related to Orbital Mechanics : Two-Body Problem, The Orbit in Space, The Orbit as a Function of Time, Rocket Dynamics, Impulsive Orbit Transfer, Interplanetary Orbital Transfer.

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Mechanics byYaouen Fily

The PDF covers the following topics related to Mechanics : Forces, Newton’s laws, Net force, Newton’s second law, Weight, Normal force and friction force, Newton’s third law, Tension force, Spring force, Non-inertial frames of reference, Friction and Drag, Energy, Kinetic energy, Work-energy theorem, Potential energy and conservation of energy in a free fall, Multiple forces, Potential energy and conservation of energy, Potential energy diagrams, Non-conservative forces, Power, Conservative forces, Elastic potential energy, Work-energy theorem with multiple conservative forces, Equilibrium and stability, Law of gravitation, Gravitational force, Gravitational potential energy, Harmonic motion.

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Medical Physics by Dr. Y. Ajiboye

The PDF covers the following topics related to Medical Physics : The Mechanics of the Body, Physics of Skeleton, Physics of Muscle, Applications, The Energy Household of the Body, Concept of Heat and Temperature, Thermodynamic Processes, Applications, The Pressure System of the Body, Physics of Breathing, Physics of Cardiovascular System, Applications, The Electrical System of the Body, Radiation and Radiation Protection, Radiation-Concept & Explanation, Radiation Measurement-Dosimetry, Biological Effects of Radiation, Radiation Protection.

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Diagnostic Radiology Physics

The PDF covers the following topics related to Medical Physics : Fundamentals of Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Interactions of Radiation With Matter, Fundamentals of Dosimetry, Measures of Image Quality, X Ray Production, Projection Radiography, Receptors for Projection Radiography, Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems, Mammography, Special Topics in Radiography, Comp Uted Tomography, Physics of Ultrasound, Ultrasound Imaging, Physics of Magnetic Resonance, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Digital Imaging, Image Post-processing and Analysis, Image Perception and Assessment, Quality Management, Radiation Biology, Instrumentation for Dosimetry, Patient Dosimetry, Justification and Optimization in Clinical Practice, Radiation Protection.

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Introduction to Modern Physics by T. Stantcheva

This PDF covers the following topics related to Modern Physics : Photons, Electron Waves, Quantum Mechanics, Atomic Structure, Molecules and Solids, Nuclear Physics, Special Theory of Relativity.

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Modern Physics by Durham University

This page covers the following topics related to Modern Physics : Newtonian Inertial frames, Time dilation, Length contraction, Lorentz Transformations, Relativisitic momentum and energy, Relativisitic collisions, Waves as particles photons, Electron waves, Bohr model animation, More Bohr and blackbody reflection animation, Quantum mechanics, 1D schroedinger, Particle in a box 1, wavefunctions and probabilities for infinite potential well, Compare to finite potential finite/infinite potential animation, Potential barriers and tunnelling, step function, tunnelling animation, fusion in the sun, another nice article on fusion in the sun, radioactive decay, 3D cartesian - box and harmonic oscillator, 2D infinite well, 2D harmonic oscillator.

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Polarization Phenomena in Physics Applications to Nuclear Reaction

This book allows the reader to understand the fundamentals of polarization phenomena in a general spin system, showing the polarizations to be indispensable information source of spin-dependent interactions. Topics covered includes: Polarization, Alignment and Orientation, Spin Observables by Density Matrix, Spin Observables in Nuclear Reactions, Optical Potential and Elastic Scattering of Protons, Polarization in Resonance Reaction, Three Nucleon Force and Polarization Phenomena in a Three Nucleon System .

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Nuclear Reactor Safety Lecture Notes

This note will focus on understanding the complete nuclear reactor system including the balance of plant, support systems and resulting interdependencies affecting the overall safety of the plant and regulatory oversight. Topics covered includes: Reactor kinetics and control, Fuel depletion and related effects, Reactor energy removal, Design issues, Power cycles for nuclear plants, Boiling water reactors, Safety culture, Current regulatory safety issues.

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Classical and Modern Optics

This lecture note covers following topics: Linear Algebra, Ray Optics, Fourier Analysis, Electromagnetic Theory, Interference, Gaussian Beams, Fabry–Perot Cavities, Polarization, Fresnel Relations, Thin Films, Fourier Optics, Acousto-Optic Diffraction, Laser Physics, Dispersion and Wave Propagation.

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Small Angle Scattering and Diffraction

This book shows how the existing technology of material characterization can contribute to science and applied technology. The authors who contributed with this book sought to show the importance of applying the existing techniques in the development of their works.

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General Plasma Physics by Nick McGreivy

The PDF covers the following topics related to Plasma Physics : Introduction, Basics, Single Particle Motion , Kinetic Theory, Fluid Equations and MHD, Waves in Plasmas, Landau Damping.

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Fundamentals of Plasma Physics

This book explains the following topics: Derivation of fluid equations, Motion of a single plasma particle, Elementary plasma waves, Streaming instabilities and the Landau problem, Cold plasma waves in a magnetized plasma, Waves in inhomogeneous plasmas and wave energy relations, Vlasov theory of warm electrostatic waves in a magnetized plasma, Stability of static MHD equilibria, Magnetic helicity interpreted and Woltjer-Taylor relaxation, Fokker-Planck theory of collisions, Wave-particle nonlinearities, Wave-wave nonlinearities, Non-neutral plasmas and Dusty plasmas.

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Introduction to Sensation and Perception by UMN

This online book discusses the following topics : Basics: neuroscience and psychophysics, Somatosensation, Proprioception: Balance and Phantom Limbs, Taste and Smell, The Mechanics of Hearing, Hearing Loss and Central Auditory Processing, Hearing in Complex Environments, Light and EyeballsVision Loss and V1, Color, Depth, and Size, Visual Development and Object Recognition, Perception and Action.

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Color Appearance Models (PDF 68P)

This note contains the following subtopics such as Color AppearancePhenomena, Chromatic Adaptation, Structure of Color Appearance Models, CIECAM02 and Image Appearance: iCAM

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Quantum Mechanics by Konstantin Likharev

This book online covers the following topics related to Quantum Mechanics : Introduction, 1D Wave Mechanics, Higher Dimensionality Effects, Bra-ket Formalism, Some Exactly Solvable Problems, Perturbation Theories, Open Quantum Systems, Multiparticle Systems, Introduction to Relativistic Quantum, Making Sense of Quantum Mechanics.

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Lecture Notes for Quantum Mechanics F.H.L. Essler

The topics discussed in this lecture notes include: Probability Amplitudes and Quantum States, Operators and Observables, Position and Momentum Representations,Time Evolution in Quantum Mechanics,Wave mechanics, Harmonic Oscillators,Transformations and Symmetries,Heisenberg picture and Heisenberg equation of motion, Rotational invariance and angular momentum as a good quantum number,Position representation and angular momentum, Angular momentum and magnetic moments,Spin and total angular momentum,QM systems composed of two parts, Product States vs entangled states, Addition of angular momenta, EPR experiment and Bell inequalities, Position representation, Energy eigenvalues and emission spectra of hydrogen, Explicit form of the wave functions.

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Principles Of Radiation Interactions by MIT

This page has PDF links to the following topics related to Radiation physics : Radiation Interactions, Radiation Chemistry, Effects on Chromosomes or DNA, Dose Response in Vitro: Cell Survival Curves, RBE or Clustered Damage, Protons and Alphas of same LET, Dose Response in Vivo, Chemical Modification of Radiation Response, Cell, Tissue and Tumor Kinetics, Radiation Therapy: Tumor Radiobiology, Radiation Therapy : Fractionation, Acute Effects of Whole Body Exposure, Late Effects: Chronic Exposure or Low Doses, Alpha Particles/Bystander Effect, Microbeams, RBE of Diagnostic X Rays, BNCT or Other Modalities.

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Basic Radiation Physics iaea

This notes aim to familiarize the student with basic principles of radiation physics and modern physics used in radiotherapy. The topics discussed include: Introduction, Atomic and nuclear structure, Electron interactions, Photon interactions.

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Introduction To Statistical Physics by Mobolaji Williams

This page has PDF links to the following topics related to Statistical Physics : Introduction to Statistical Physics, Calculus, Probability, and Combinatorics, Entropy from Information, Laws of Thermodynamics, Free Energy and Order Parameters, Boltzmann Distribution and Partition Function, Statistical Physics of the Ideal Gas, Laplace’s Method and the Mean Field Ising Model, Model of Dimerization of Single-Stranded DNA, Simulations in Statistical Physics, Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics.

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Statistical Physics by Lyderic Bocquet

This course is an introduction to statistical physics. The aim of statistical physics is to model systems with an extremely large number of degrees of freedom. This PDF covers the following topics related to Statistical Physics : Introduction to statistical physics: ’more is different’, Combinatorics and emergent laws, Microcanonical ensemble, Canonical Ensemble, Grand canonical ensemble, Ideal systems and entropic forces, Statistical ensembles and thermodynamics, Systems in interaction and phase transitions, Quantum statistics.

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