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Study Material For Administrative Law

Administrative law is a heuristic science. It is a branch of public law which is essentially antiauthoritarian. It strives to develop a rule of law society based on fairness, reasonableness and justice. Administrative law deals fundamentally with law relating to administration and basic foundation of the administration. This PDF covers the following topics related to Administrative Law : Definition of Administrative Law, The impact and implications of the Doctrine of Separation and the Rule of Law on Administrative Law, Classification of Administrative Action, Legislative Power of Administration, Doctrine of Vice of excessive Delegation, Judicial and Parliamentary control over delegated legislation, Judicial power of Administration, Doctrine of Bias, Doctrine of Audi Altrem Partem, Reasoned decision, Exceptions to Natural Justice, Effect of non-compliance with rules of Natural Justice, grounds on which decision of quasi-judicial authority can be challenged before Supreme Court, Writs, Liabilities of the state in the province of Contract and Tort, Corporates and Public Undertakings, Ombudsman in India etc.

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Administrative Law Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

Administrative Law emerged as a subject to curb the misuse of power by the executive. As the concept of separation of powers cannot always be followed, the powers have been distributed to reduce work overload. This site brings you a detailed study of Administrative Law. The five modules of study material cover a variety of topics such as separation of powers, Dicey's concept of the rule of law, Administrative Tribunals and the Commission of Inquiry Act, 1952. They have also provided an additional section of miscellaneous articles to help readers understand every aspect of Administrative Law.

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Civil Law Handbook for Self Represented Litigants

This PDF is a Handbook related to Civil Law and is intended as a reference for self-represented civil litigants appearing in Canadian courts.This handbook tries to describe legal processes in plain language, and has provided definitions for words that are not normally used outside of the legal context.

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Civil law Study guide

Civil law generally involves interaction between individuals or groups regarding the conduct of human affairs that are not punished by the government. Matters that involve disputes between private parties such as negligence, defamation, nuisance, breach of contract, real property titles, or that involve life planning such as preparing the disposition of property upon death, organizing a corporation or limited liability company, or probating the estate of a deceased loved one, all fall within the civil areas of law. This PDF is a study guide that covers the following topics related to  Civil law : General Characteristics of Civil Law, Personal Non-property Rights of a Natural Person, Transaction, Representation, Limitation of Action, Supply Agreement, the Contract of Exchange, Commercial Concession, the Loan Agreement, Insurance Contract, The Rights and Obligations in the Contract of Life Maintenance, Grounds and Legal Consequences of Termination of Life Maintenance Contract.

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Commercial Law and Company Law

This PDF covers the following topics related to Commercial Law : Nature and Kinds of Contracts, Discharge of Contract, Remedies for Breach of Contract , Offer, Acceptance, Bailment, Pledge, Contract of Sale of Goods Act 1930 , Rights and Duties of a Buyer and Seller, Company form of Business – On Over View, Formation of a Company, Memorandum of Association, Doctrine of Ultravires, Articles of Association, Prospectus of a Company, Shares, Debenture, Directors, Company Secretary, Meeting, Winding up - Compulsory Winding up by the Court, Winding up - Voluntary Winding up.

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Commercial Law by LPU

This PDF covers topics related to Commercial Law and aims at teaching the laws within which any business in India is supposed to operate and which defines the nature and enforceability of business Transactions. The topics covered are as follows : Law of Contract, Offer and Acceptance , Capacity to Contract , Consideration, Free Consent, Discharge of Contract, Remedies for Breach of Contract, Contract of Guarantee, Contract of Indemnity, Contract of Bailment, Contract of Pledge, Law of Agency, Law of Sales of Goods, Remedies of Unpaid Seller, Conditions and Warranties, The Consumer Protection Act.

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The Common Law and Zambia

This PDF covers the following topics related to The Common Law and Zambia : What is common law? , Justifications for the common law method , Precedent in Zambia, Stare decisis in Zambia's courts, The Zambian context , Suggestions for the future, Stare decisis and legal authority, Conclusion.

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Qualified and Absolute Immunity at Common Law

This PDF covers topics related to Common Law and is a article that provides the first comprehensive review of the common law on state-officer immunities around 1871. In particular, it canvasses the four nineteenth century treatises that the Supreme Court consults in assessing officer immunities under the common law of 1871: Cooley’s 1879 Law of Torts, Bishop’s 1889 Commentaries on Non-contract Law, Mechem’s 1890 Law of Public Offices and Officers, and Throop’s 1892 Law Relating to Public Officers. Not only do these treatises collect many overlooked state common law precedents, but they rely heavily on the Supreme Court’s own, often ignored, nineteenth-century decisions.

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Constitutional Law I by TNDALU

The linked PDF is about Constitutional Law I. It covers topics such as the history of the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights, and the principles of federalism. The document provides an overview of the Constitution's basic structure and the powers of its various branches of government. The PDF also delves into the role of the judiciary in interpreting the Constitution and enforcing its provisions. Overall, this PDF serves as a useful resource for anyone seeking a basic understanding of Indian constitutional law.

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Constitutional Law I by RLC

The PDF covers the following topics related to Constitutional Law : Introduction, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Directive Principles, Union Executive : Legislature and Judiciary, State Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.

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The Story of Contract Law Formation

The book begins with the most basic, core concept of contract law- exchange. The book teaches exchange using simple cases drawn from the actual development of the exchange concept’s most obvious manifestation—the doctrine of consideration.

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European Contract Law

This note covers the following topics: European contract law, Notion of contract and other terms, Categories of contracts, Formation of Contract, Invalidity and Nullity of Contract, Interpretation, content and effects, Specific Contracts.

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Criminal Law Outline by NYU

This PDF covers the following topics related to Criminal law : Introduction, Building Blocks of Criminal Law, Substantive Offenses, Attempts, Group Criminality, General Defenses to Liability, The Imposition of Criminal Punishment.

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Queensland Criminal Code Act 1899

Australian criminal law was originally received from the English common law, which continues to evolve in Australian courts. A criminal offence is conduct that breaches the criminal law and is described in the Criminal Code Act 1899  of Queensland as an act or omission which renders the person doing the act or making the omission liable to punishment.

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Equity as Meta Law

With the merger of law and equity almost complete, the idea of equity as a special part of our legal system or a mode of decision making has fallen out of view. This Article argues that much of equity is best understood as performing a vital function. This PDF article covers the following topics related to Equity : Introduction, the Nature of Equitable Intervention, the Specialization of Law and Equity, Equity in Action, Equity Revisited.

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Advanced Equity And Trusts

This note focus on aspects of equity and trusts in two specific contexts: commerce and the home. It will advance novel conceptual approaches to two significant arenas in which equitable doctrines like the trust are deployed.

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Study Material For Family Law by Dr. Jyoti G. Hiremath

This PDF covers the following topics related to Family Law : Mohammedan Law and Indian Succession Act, Part I Mohammedan Law : Application of Muslim Law, History, Concept and Schools of Muslim Law, Sources of Muslim Law, Marriage, Mahr or Dower, Dissolution of marriage and Matrimonial Reliefs, Parentage, Guardianship and Hizanat, Maintenance, The Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Divorce Act,1986, Hiba or Gifts, Administration of Estate, Succession, Wassiyat or Wills, Shuffa or Pre-emption, Wakfs, Mutawalli, and Wakf Boards, Part II Indian Succession Act, 1925, the Family Courts Act, 1984 and the Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act,2001, Domicile, Christian Succession, Parsis Succession, Wills and Codicils, Succession Certificate, Family Courts Act, 1984, Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act,2001, . Need for Uniform Civil Code.

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Teaching Family Law by NCLE

This PDF covers the following topics related to Family Law : What is Happening in Law Schools Today, Teaching Family Law - A Special Case, Teaching, Learning and Family Law, Case Studies, Family Law at Leeds, Different Methods of Assessment, The Experience at Sheffield.

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Jurisprudence, Interpretation and General Laws

This PDF covers the following topics related to General Law and aims to provide understanding and working knowledge of sources of law, Constitution, legislative environment, interpretation of statutes and general laws. The topics covered are as follows : Sources of Law, Constitution of India, Interpretation of Statutes, General Clauses Act, 1897, Administrative Laws, Law of Torts, Limitation Act, 1963, Civil Procedure Code, 1908, Indian Penal Code, 1860 , Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 , Indian Evidence Act, 1872, Special Courts, Tribunals under Companies Act & Other Legislations , Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, Indian Stamp Act, 1899, Registration Act, 1908: Registration of Documents , Right to Information Act, 2005, Information Technology Act, 2000.

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General Law in Federal Court

This PDF covers the following topics to General Law : Introduction, the Distinction Between General and Local Law, Local Law and General Law, Judicial Adherence to the Distinction, the Breakdown of General and Local Law, State Efforts to Localize General Law, Federal Judicial Efforts to Generalize Local Law, Erie and the Supremacy Clause, General Law in Federal Court After Erie, Matters Within State Authority, Matters Beyond State Authority.

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Study Material For Public International Law

This PDF covers the following topics related to International Law and includes the study of general principles of international law including law of Peace. Third world concerns in respect of security and development and the role of U.N. and International Agencies in structuring solutions in the context of changing balance of powers are also to be appreciated. The course content are : Nature, definition, origin and basis of International Law; Sources of International Law, Relationship between Municipal and International Law, Subjects of International Law, States as subjects of International Law, States in general, Recognition, State territorial sovereignty, State Jurisdiction, Law of the sea, State Responsibility, Succession to rights and Obligations, State and Individual - Extradition, Asylum and Nationality, the agents of international business, diplomatic envoys, consuls and other representatives, the law and practice as to treaties, The United Nations Organization - Principal organs and their functions, World Trade Organization- Main features, International Labour Organization.

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International Law byfiimt

According to Bentham’s classic definition, international law is a collection of rules governing relations between states. It is a mark of how far international law has evolved that International law, also called public international law or law of nations, the body of legal rules, norms, and standards that apply between sovereign states and other entities that are legally recognized as international actors. This PDF covers the following topics related to International Law : Introduction, Sources of International Law, Recognition, Extradition and the Law of the Sea, Contemporary International Issues.

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Labour Laws and Practice

Labour laws are the one dealing with employment laws in any organization – whether it is a manufacturing organization or trading organization or shops and establishment. The labour laws address the various administrative rulings (such as employment standing orders) and procedure to be followed, compliance to be made and it address the legal rights of, and restrictions on, working people and their organizations. This PDF covers the following topics related to Labour Laws and helps acquire expert knowledge, understanding and application of Labour Laws : Constitution and Labour Laws, International Labour Organization, Law of Welfare & Working Condition, Law of Industrial Relations, Law of Wages, Social Security Legislations, The Labour Laws (Simplification of Procedure for Furnishing Returns and Maintaining Registers by Certain Establishments) Act, 1988, Labour Codes, Industrial and Labour Laws Audit covering the above Acts and other Industry Specific Acts, Case laws, Case Studies and Practical Aspects.

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United States labor law

This guide explains the following topics: Contract and rights at work, Workplace participation, Contract of employment, Equality and discrimination, Job security, Labor law in individual states, Enforcement of rights.

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Study Material for Property Law

This PDF covers the following topics related to Property Law and enables one to understand the different types of transfer recognized by law. They shall have a clear idea about the various types of transfer like sale, mortgage, lease, exchange gift & actionable claim. They shall also become familiar to the various requirements of a valid transfer. They shall also understand in detail the effect of various elements like conditions, election, and apportionment on the transfer. They shall also understand the status of a transfer when made by certain other persons.

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South African property law

South African property law regulates the rights of people in or over certain objects or things. Property law straddles private and public law, and hence this note covers not only private law relations in respect of particular types of legal objects that are corporeal or incorporeal, but also public law relations with a proprietary character, and the resultant rights and interests.

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Introduction to Islamic Law by Shahzado Shaikh

This PDF covers the following topics related Religious Law and seeks to introduce core textual, theological , and legal components, along with historical impact, while examining different phases, through its sources and methodologies, leading to development of schools of opinions and legal theories. The course will examine texts, history and current issues in Islamic Law and its enforcement and will also study principles, concepts and terminology of Islamic Jurisprudence and Muslim Law, introduce some aspects of Islamic law pertaining to substantive areas, like constitutional, commercial, international, and criminal laws and some specific areas like marriage, divorce, child custody, succession and wills. These areas will be examined with reference to the law of the land and some cases discussed in US courts in the context of Islamic Law.

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Christian Marriage And Divorce Act, 1957 india

This note explains the following topics: The Persons By Whom Marriages May Be Solemnised, Time and Place at Which Marriages may Be Solemnised, Marriages Solemnised by Minister of Religion Licensed Under this Act, Registration of Marriages Solemnised by Minister of Religion, Marriages Solemnised by or in The Presence of a Marriage Registrar, Marriage of Indian Christians, Penalties, Divorce.

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Law of Torts KLE

Law is bundle of rules which regulates the external behavior of individuals in society. Law of Torts is the branch of law controlling the behavior of people in the society and is a growing branch of law and its main object is to define individual rights and duties in the light of prevalent standards of reasonable conduct and public convenience. This PDF covers the following units related to Torts Law : Law of Torts, Defences Against Tortious Liability , Negligence, Defamation, The Consumer Protection Act, 2019.

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Law of Torts MSR

The 'Law of Torts' is a fascinating subject to the student of law and is in this area that he finds a plethora of decided cases with reasons most appreciable and illuminative, the judges in many cases, treading the virgin soil enunciating a fundamental principle hither to unknown to a case on hand ,rendering their decisions ,with the utmost dexterity of a matured craftsman. Equity, justice and good conscience seem to be the 'guiding stars' to them in a majority of these decisions. This PDF covers the following topics related to Torts Law : Definition and Meaning of Tortious liability, Motive and Malice, General Defences, Nervous Shock, Vacarious Liability- Liability of the Master, Defamation, Trepass to person, False imprisonment, Deceit, Conversion, Occupiers Liability, Invitee , Nuisance, Capacity, Remoteness of Damage, Negligence, Trespass to land, Remedies, Death in Relation to Torts, Interference with Business, Conspiracy.

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