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Administrative Law by DR D Umamaheswari

This note covers the topics Introduction to Administrative Law, Delegated Legislation, Procedural Fairness and Judicial Review, Ombudsman, Lokpal, Lokayukta and Central Vigilance Commision, Administrative Tribunals and Public Undertaking.

s164 Pages

Administrative by Law by University of Delhi

This Lecture note contains these following topics starting with Nature and Scope of Administrative Law, Delegated Legislation, Administrative Discretion, Principles of Natural Justice, Judicial Review, Right to Information, Tribunals, – Commissions of Inquiry and Central Vigilance Commission, Regulatory Agencies and Redressal of Complaints against the administration: The Institution of Ombudsman.

s360 Pages

The European Rules of Civil Procedure

This book covers the following topics: General Provisions, Parties, Case Management, Commencement Of Proceedings, Proceedings Preparatory To A Final Hearing, – Service And Due Notice Of Proceedings, Access To Information And Evidence, Judgment, Res Judicata And Lis Pendens .

s91 Pages

Civil Law Of The Republic Of Afghanistan

This PDF covers the following contents related to Civil Law of Afghanistan : Application of the Law, Persons, Properties, Rights, General Provisions, Legal Acts, Natural Obligations, Specific Performance, Performance through Threatening to Claim Compensation, Performance through Compensation, Guarantee of Rights of Creditors, Designated Contracts, Real Rights.

s321 Pages

Commercial Code

This book tells a set of laws that regulates and facilitates commercial transactions and provides the Act to provide for the constitution of Commercial Courts, Commercial Division.

s307 Pages

Commercial Law and Company Law

This PDF covers the following topics related to Commercial Law : Nature and Kinds of Contracts, Discharge of Contract, Remedies for Breach of Contract , Offer, Acceptance, Bailment, Pledge, Contract of Sale of Goods Act 1930 , Rights and Duties of a Buyer and Seller, Company form of Business – On Over View, Formation of a Company, Memorandum of Association, Doctrine of Ultravires, Articles of Association, Prospectus of a Company, Shares, Debenture, Directors, Company Secretary, Meeting, Winding up - Compulsory Winding up by the Court, Winding up - Voluntary Winding up.

s274 Pages

Constitutional Law by National Open University of Nigeria

This Book covers definition and scope of constitutional law and traditional constitutional concept, Sources of a constitution, Federalism, Separation of Powers, The rule of law, Classification of Constitutions, Systems of government, Constitutional supremacy, Parliamentary supremacy, Constitutional development of Nigeria, Constitutional development, Constitutional development in Nigeria: 1979 to Date.

s90 Pages

Constitutional Law I by TNDALU

The linked PDF is about Constitutional Law I. It covers topics such as the history of the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights, and the principles of federalism. The document provides an overview of the Constitution's basic structure and the powers of its various branches of government. The PDF also delves into the role of the judiciary in interpreting the Constitution and enforcing its provisions. Overall, this PDF serves as a useful resource for anyone seeking a basic understanding of Indian constitutional law.

s100 Pages

Contract Theory and the Limits of Contract Law

This book contains an introduction, Justifying an efficiency theory of contract, The enforcement function, The interpretation function, The legal default function and mandatory rules.

s80 Pages

The Story of Contract Law Formation

The book begins with the most basic, core concept of contract law- exchange. The book teaches exchange using simple cases drawn from the actual development of the exchange concept’s most obvious manifestation—the doctrine of consideration.

s489 Pages

Study Material For Law Of Crimes I

This study material is prepared for the sole purpose of guiding the students in preparation for their examinations. Topics covered includes Crime And Its Meaning, Offences Against Human Body, Kidnapping And Abduction.

s127 Pages

Criminal Law Outline by NYU

This PDF covers the following topics related to Criminal law : Introduction, Building Blocks of Criminal Law, Substantive Offenses, Attempts, Group Criminality, General Defenses to Liability, The Imposition of Criminal Punishment.

s86 Pages

Equity and Trust Law by University of Southampton law School

This book navigates the foundational aspects of trusts certainty of intention, beneficiaries, and subject matter, from breach of trust to constructive trusts and trustees duties, it examines intricate scenarios and ethical dilemmas, exploring tracing, charities, and restitution, it offers diverse perspectives on rectifying injustices within legal constructs.

s112 Pages

Equity as Meta Law

With the merger of law and equity almost complete, the idea of equity as a special part of our legal system or a mode of decision making has fallen out of view. This Article argues that much of equity is best understood as performing a vital function. This PDF article covers the following topics related to Equity : Introduction, the Nature of Equitable Intervention, the Specialization of Law and Equity, Equity in Action, Equity Revisited.

s95 Pages

Family Law by University of Delhi

This note covers marriage under Hindu Law, Matrimonial Remedies under Hindu Law, Maintenance under Hindu Law, Adoption, Minority and Guardianship under Hindu Law, Sources and Schools of Muslim Law, Marriage under Muslim law, Divorce under Muslim law and maintenance under Muslim law.

s303 Pages

Study Material For Family Law by Dr. Jyoti G. Hiremath

This PDF covers the following topics related to Family Law : Mohammedan Law and Indian Succession Act, Part I Mohammedan Law : Application of Muslim Law, History, Concept and Schools of Muslim Law, Sources of Muslim Law, Marriage, Mahr or Dower, Dissolution of marriage and Matrimonial Reliefs, Parentage, Guardianship and Hizanat, Maintenance, The Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Divorce Act,1986, Hiba or Gifts, Administration of Estate, Succession, Wassiyat or Wills, Shuffa or Pre-emption, Wakfs, Mutawalli, and Wakf Boards, Part II Indian Succession Act, 1925, the Family Courts Act, 1984 and the Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act,2001, Domicile, Christian Succession, Parsis Succession, Wills and Codicils, Succession Certificate, Family Courts Act, 1984, Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act,2001, . Need for Uniform Civil Code.

s240 Pages

General Principles of Law

This note contains Introduction to law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, Indian Judicial and Legal System, Dispute Settlement: The Role of ADR, ODR and Peaceful Settlements of Disputes, Interface Between Law and Technology, Legal Research Methodology and Project Writing Techniques.

s254 Pages

General Law on National Assets

This note covers General Provisions, Assets of the legislative and judicial branches of the federation, common provisions, Real Estate properties of the centralized Federal public Administration, Concessions, Formalization of acts of Acquisition and transfer of domain, Implementation of works, Recovery of real estate property through Administartive Channels, Movable property of the federal public administration, Appraisal of National property and Penalties.

s78 Pages

Employment and Labor Law

This book covers introduction, Individual Employment Relation, Special Categories of Employees, V Legally stipulated minimum working conditions, Collective bargaining & Collective agreement and Dispute settlement mechanisms.

s248 Pages

Labour Law II

This note covers introduction to social security and labour welfare, industrial injuries, Social insurance, Other social security legislations and labour welfare legislations.

s104 Pages

Property Law by University of Delhi

This note include the topics like movable or Immovable Property, attestation, Meaning of Transfer of Property, What Kind of Property can be transferred, Conditional transfer, Transfer for the benefit of unborn persons, Vested and Contingent interests, Transfer during pendency of litigation, Mortgage, Lease and License.

s204 Pages

Study Material for Property Law

This PDF covers the following topics related to Property Law and enables one to understand the different types of transfer recognized by law. They shall have a clear idea about the various types of transfer like sale, mortgage, lease, exchange gift & actionable claim. They shall also become familiar to the various requirements of a valid transfer. They shall also understand in detail the effect of various elements like conditions, election, and apportionment on the transfer. They shall also understand the status of a transfer when made by certain other persons.

s112 Pages

The interaction of Law and Religion

This lecture note contains introduction, Religious, Dimensions of Law, The Influence of Christianity on the Development of Western Law, Law as a Dimension of Religion, Beyond Law and Beyond Religion.

s98 Pages

Introduction to Islamic Law by Shahzado Shaikh

This PDF covers the following topics related Religious Law and seeks to introduce core textual, theological , and legal components, along with historical impact, while examining different phases, through its sources and methodologies, leading to development of schools of opinions and legal theories. The course will examine texts, history and current issues in Islamic Law and its enforcement and will also study principles, concepts and terminology of Islamic Jurisprudence and Muslim Law, introduce some aspects of Islamic law pertaining to substantive areas, like constitutional, commercial, international, and criminal laws and some specific areas like marriage, divorce, child custody, succession and wills. These areas will be examined with reference to the law of the land and some cases discussed in US courts in the context of Islamic Law.

s58 Pages

Law of Torts Including Motor Vehicles Accidents and Consumer Protection Laws

This note covers introduction, Definition, Nature and Scope, Defences against Tortious Liability, Liability at Common Law and Statutory Law, Nervous Shock, Remoteness of Damage, No Fault Liability Strict and Absolute Liability, Vicarious Liability of the State, Defamation and Consumer Protection Laws.

s284 Pages

Law of Torts and Consumer Protection

This lecture note covers Introduction and Principles of Liability in Tort, Specific Torts-I, Specific Torts-II and the Consumer Protection Act.

s60 Pages