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LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless
Security Investigation in 4G LTE Wireless Networks
Introducing LTE Advanced (PDF 36P)
4G Wireless Systems LTE Technology (PDF Slides 82P)
The evolution to 4G cellular systems LTE Advanced (PDF 28P)
LTE The Future of Mobile Broadband Technology (PDF 19P)
Summary introduction to Wireless LTE 4G architecture and key business implications (PDF 78P)
Antenna Design Considerations for LTE Mobile Applications (PDF Slides 57P)
Android Programming by Nicolas Gramlich
Android CookBook
Android Programming Lecture (PDF 16P)
Android Programming
Programming Android
How to Program Google Android
Application development for Android
Android Development Tutorial Gingerbread
What is Android
Andbook (PDF 62P)
Introduction to Android development
Introduction to Android development Touch Calculator
Google Android A Comprehensive Introduction (PDF 31p)
Introduction to the Android API, HAL and SDK (PDF 80P)
Practical Programming on Android (PDF 19P)
Introduction to Android Window System (PDF 37P)
The Developer's Guide
Android Porting Guide for Embedded Platforms (PDF 26p)nbsp;
Bluetooth Device Access Guide
Overview of Bluetooth Technology
Introduction to Bluetooth
Bluetooth Architecture Preface
Architectural Overview of Intel's Bluetooth Software Stack
Enabling Always On, Always Connected (AOAC) Computing with Bluetooth Technology
Overview of IEEE 802.11b Security
Games over Bluetooth Recommendations to Game Developers
Integrating Bluetooth Technology into Mobile Products
The Evolution of Third Generation Cellular Standards
Bluetooth for Programmers
The Basics of Code Division Multiple Access
Welcome to the World of CDMA
Introductionto CDMA
CDMA Tutorial
Media Access TDMA and CDMA
Basic note on Spread Spectrum CDMA signals
CDMA Basics DolceraWiki
Phil Flikkema's (USF) Briefing Introduction to Spread Spectrum (PDF)
About The Capacity of a DS Spread Spectrum CDMA Cellular System (PDF)
Overview of Modulation Techniques for Wireless (PDF)
Prof. Randy H. Katz' (UCB) Briefing Digital Modulation (PDF)
Prof. Randy H. Katz' (UCB) Briefing Cellular Telephony (PDF)
Prof. Randy H. Katz' (UCB) Briefing Radio Propagation (PDF)
General Packet Radio Service for Security Devices
Understanding General Packet Radio Service
GPRS Tutorial
GSM and GPRS Security
Understanding General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
GSM Fundamentals
Introduction to GSM
SMS Introduction
SMSC Basics(1)
SMSC Basics(2)
SMSC TAP protocol
Overview Of The GSM System and Protocol Architecture (PDF)
GSM Networks The Basics
Handoff in GSM/GPRS Cellular Systems
GSM overview
UMTS Core Network
UMTS Protocols and Protocol Testing
An Introduction to UMTS Technology
Protocol Analysis in UMTS Networks
UMTS Overview
GSM and UMTS Security
Overview of UMTS
UMTS/GPRS system overview from an IP addressing perspective
An Architecture for Integrating UMTS and 802.11 WLAN Networks
Overview of UMTS WCDMA Technology ppt
UMTS Technical Note
Wireless Application Protocol by Sridhar Iyer
Mobile Applications Wireless Application Protocol
WAP Architecture
WAP WAE Architecture Overview
The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
Wireless Application Protocol Architecture Specification
Mobile and Wireless Communications Physical Layer Development and Implementation
Mobile Application Development
Lecture Notes on Mobile Communication
Mobile Phone Application Development
Mobile Device Programming
Building Mobile Applications (PDF 15P)
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
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