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This section contains free e-books and guides on Computer Networking & Data Communication, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Recently Added Books

Cloud computing for big data experiments

This PDF covers the following topics related to Cloud Computing for big data experiments: Grids and Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, Workflow Platform Ecosystem, Taverna, Galaxy, Tavaxy, Kepler, Pegasus, Cluster Deployment on Clouds, StarCluster, Elasticluster, CfnCluster, Apache Jclouds, Mesos, OpenMOLE & GridScale, GridScale AWS Module, Fully Automated Experiments.

s88 Pages

Cloud Computing by IARE

This PDF covers the following topics related to Cloud Computing : System Modeling, Clustering and Virtualization, Foundations, Virtual Machines Provisioning and Migration Services, Monitoring and Management, Governance and Case Studies.

s106 Pages

Computer Networks Lecture Notes By Malla Reddy College Of Engineering And Technology

This book introduce the fundamental types of computer networks and demonstrate the TCP/IP and OSI model merits and demerits.

s311 Pages

Lecture Notes On Computer Networks by Dr.J.Vinoth kumar

This PDF covers the following topics related to Computer Networking : Introduction, Data Link Layer, Functions of Network layer, Transport layer, Network Security.

s137 Pages

Introduction to Internet Unesco

This PDF covers the following topics related to Internet : Concept of Internet, Data Transmission, Computer Network Techniques, Classification of Computer Networks, Benefits of the Internet The economic benefit of the Internet, Internet Services E-commerce, Internet Services Newsgroups, The Concept of Cybercafé, Internet Connectivity Basic hardware required for Internet connectivity, Connecting to the Internet Set up an Internet connection, Wireless Transmission Media VSAT Internet connection, Network Protocol Network protocol, Obstacles to Internet, Concept of Internet Service Provider or ISP, Domain Name System.

s96 Pages

Internet and Web Technology

This note covers the following topics: TCP or IP, Core JAVA, Advanced JAVA, Applets and JDBC, CGI Programming, Network Security.

s57 Pages

Network Management Class Notes

This note covers the following topics : operations, administration, maintenance, management of the configuration, database, security, and modeling techniques with OPNET software.

sNA Pages

Network Management Architectures

This note explains the following topics: Analysis of Standardized Management Approaches, OSI Management, TMN Management, TMN standardization, Physical Architecture, Responsibility Model, Internet Management.

s103 Pages

Network Programming Lab Manual

This note covers the following topics: Understanding and using of commands like ifconfig, netstat, ping, arp, telnet, ftp, finger, traceroute, whois, Socket Programming, Implementation of Connection-Less Service using standard ports, Implementation of Connection-Oriented Iterative Echo-Server, Implementation of DNS, Program for file access using sockets.

s55 Pages

Introduction to Network Programming

This note provides a quick introduction to students on writing network application using BSD socket API.

s65 Pages

Telecom Cables

This note covers the following topics: STP Cable, UTP Cable, Drop Wire, Field Service Cable, Switch Board Cable, Quad Cables, Conduction Test, OFC or Optical Fiber Cable.

s62 Pages

Telecommunication Switching Theory and Applications by IARE

This PDF covers the following topics related to Telecom : Introduction, Time Division Switching, Data Networks, Telephone Networks, Integrated Services Digital Networks.

s134 Pages