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This section contains free e-books and guides on Electronics Engineering, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

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Diode by Wikipedia.org

A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts current primarily in one direction; it has low resistance in one direction, and high; resistance in the other. Topics covered includes: Vacuum tube diodes, Solid-state diodes, Vacuum tube diodes, Semiconductor diodes, Point-contact diodes, Junction diodes, Shockley diode equation, Small-signal behavior, Reverse-recovery effect, Types of semiconductor diode, Graphic symbols,Numbering and coding schemes.

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Diode circuits by M. B. Patil

This note covers the following topics: Simple models: Ron/Roff model and ideal switch, Shockley diode equation, Shockley equation and simple models, Reverse breakdown, Diode types, Diode circuit analysis, Diode circuit example, Peak detector, Clamped capacitor and Voltage doubler.

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TMS320C62x DSP CPU and Instruction Set Reference Guide

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Digital Signal Processor : Introduction, CPU Data Paths and Control, Instruction Set, Pipeline, Interrupts, Mapping Between Instruction and Functional Unit.

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Advanced Digital Signal Processing

This note covers the following topics: Digital processing of continuous-time signals, DFT and FFT, Digital filters, Multirate digital signal processing, Spectral estimation.

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Lessons In Electric Circuits by Tony R. Kuphaldt

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Electronic Circuits : Introduction, Basic Concepts and Test Equipment, Dc Circuits, Ac Circuits, Discrete Semiconductor Circuits, Analog Integrated Circuits, Digital Integrated Circuits, 555 Timer Circuits.

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How to Design and Build Working Electronic Circuits

This note covers the following topics: Electronic Packaging, Specifications of Discrete Components, Power Supply Circuits, Understanding Op Amp Specifications, Single Supply Op Amp Circuits, Interfacing with Sensors, Interfacing with Actuators, Comparators and Analog-to-Digital Converters, Microprocessors, Communicating with a Computer, PCB Assembly and Testing.

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Power Electronics Laboratory by Prof. P. T. Krein

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Power Electronics Laboratory : Introduction to the Laboratory, Basic Rectifier Circuits, Ac-Dc Conversion, Single-Phase Conversion, Ac-Dc Conversion, Part II: Polyphase Conversion, Dc-Dc Conversion, One-Quadrant Converters, Dc-Dc Conversion, Part II: Converters for Motor Drives, Power Electronics Laboratory Manual, Dc-Ac Conversion, Voltage-Sourced Inverters, Dc-Ac Conversion, Part II: Pulse Width Modulation Inverters, Passive Components, Part I: Models for Real Capacitors and Inductors, Passive Components, Magnetics, The Special Needs of Converter Experiments.

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Electronics Lab Lecture Notes

This note focuses on practical application of theory and measurement techniques that will prepare the student for laboratory research. It starts with linear DC and AC circuits and familiarizes the student with standard measurement tools.

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The Art of VA Filter Design by Vadim Zavalishin

This PDF book covers the following topics related to VA Filter Design : Fourier theory, Analog 1-pole filters, Time-discretization, State variable filter, Ladder filter, Nonlinearities, State-space form, Raising the filter order, Classical signal processing filters, Special filter types, Multinotch filters.

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Active Filters Analysis and Design

The goal of this note is to understand and design CMOS active filters. Topics covered includes: Active-RC Filters Fundamentals, Two integrators Active-RC, and Mason Rule, Noise in Active-RC Filters, Example of FD Active-RC Filters, OTA-C Filters and tuning techniques, Linearization Gm-C, Q-tuning adaptive technique, Non-Linear Macromodeling, Current-Mode Filters, Active-R Filters, Sinusoidal Oscillators: Quadrature and BP based, Higher-Order Filters: Cascade and Follow the leader and an example, Higher-Order Filters: Leapfrog, Switched-R and Based on VCO integrators, Switched-Capacitors.

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Learning FPGAs by Justin Rajewski

FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. That mouthful is simply trying to tell you that you can program an FPGA over and over and that it is more or less just a large array of logic gates. This PDF book covers the following topics related to Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) : Introduction, Your First FPGA Project, Combinational Logic, Sequential Logic, Seven-Segment LED Displays and Finite-State Machines, Hello AVR, Mixing Colors with an RGB LED, Analog Inputs, A Basic Processor, FPGA Internals, Advanced Timing and Clock Domains, Sound Direction Detection, Lucid Reference.

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Basic FPGA Tutorial

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Field Programmable Gate Array :Frequency Trigger, Counter, Sine Package, Digital Sine, Digital Sine Top, Pwm, Modulator, Modulator Wrapper, Design Implementation, Debugging Design, Modulator Design Targeting Socius Development Board, Designing With Ips.

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Compact Models for Integrated Circuit Design

This book online Compact Models for Integrated Circuit Design by Samar K. Saha covers the following topics related to Integrated Circuit (IC) Design : Introduction to Compact Models, Review of Basic Device Physics, Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor System, Large Geometry MOSFET Compact Models, Compact Models for Small Geometry MOSFETs, MOSFET Capacitance Models, Compact MOSFET Models for RF Applications, Modeling Process Variability in Scaled MOSFETs, Compact Models for Ultrathin Body FETs, Beyond-CMOS Transistor Models: Tunnel FETs, Bipolar Junction Transistor Compact Models, Compact Model Library for Circuit Simulation.

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Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits

This lecture note covers the following topics: CMOS Technology and Passive Devices, MOS Models for Analog Design, MOS Small-Signal Models for Design , Electronic Noise, Electronic Noise, Noise Analysis, Amplifiers, Single-Ended and Differential OTA, Folded Cascode OTA, Common-Mode Feedback, Multistage Amplifiers, Comparators, MOS Sample and Hold, Biasing, Offset Cancellation.

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An Integrated Instrumentation Amplifier for Myoelectric Signals

This PDF An Integrated Instrumentation Amplifier for Myoelectric Signals covers the following topics related to Instrumentation Amplifiers : Theoretical Background, Bibliographic Review, Development of the Instrumentation Amplifier, Simulation and Results.

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A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers (3rd Edition)

A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers, written by Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts, gives a comprehensive overview of Instrumentation Amplifier technology and application. This note covers the following topics: In-Amp Basic, Inside an Instrumentation Amplifier, Monolithic Instrumentation Amplifiers, Monolithic Difference Amplifiers, Applying In-Amps Effectively, In-Amp and Diff Amps Applications, Matching In-Amps Circuits to Modern ADCs and Instrumentation Amplifier Specifications.

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JFET operation and characteristics

This note covers the following topics: Field-effect transistors, Junction Field-effect transistors, pinch-off voltage, JFET with VG = constant, VD 6= 0 V, derivation of ID equation, pinch-off near drain, simplified model for saturation and small-signal model.

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Organic Light Emitting Diode by Marco Mazzeo

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Organic Light Emitting Diode : Organic light emitting diodes based on functionalized oligothiophenes for display and lighting applications, The efficient green emitting iridium complexes and phosphorescent organic light emitting diode characteristics, Material Issues in AMOLED, Nanocomposites for Organic Light Emiting Diodes, Carrier Transport and Recombination Dynamics in Disordered Organic Light Emitting Diodes, Solution Processable Ionic p-i-n Organic Light- Emitting Diodes, High-Contrast OLEDs with High-Efficiency, Optimum Structure Adjustment for Flexible Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes, a-Si:H TFT and Pixel Structure for AMOLED on a Flexible Metal Substrate, Organic Light Emitting Diode for White Light Emission.

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Quantum dot Based Light emitting Diodes

Primary aim of this note is to provide a visual source for high-urgency work that will define the future directions relating to the organic light emitting diode (OLED), with the expectation for lasting scientific and technological impact. The editor hopes that the chapters verify the realization of the mentioned aims that have been considered for editing of this book.

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