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This section contains free e-books and guides on Electronics Engineering, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

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Lecture Notes On Electronic Devices And Circuits

This note covers the following topics: PN Diode Characteristics, Special Purpose Electonic Devices, Transistor Characteristics, Transistor Biasing and Thermal Stabilization, BJT and FET Amplifiers.

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Micro Electronic and Mechanical Systems

The book addresses a wide range of fundamental and practical issues related to MEMS, advanced metal-oxide-semiconductor and complementary MOS devices, SoC technology, integrated circuit testing and verification, and other important topics in the field.

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A Course Material On Circuit Theory

This note explains the following topics: Basic Circuits Analysis, Network Reduction and Network Theorems For Dc and Ac Circuits, Resonance and Coupled Circuits, Transient Response for Dc Circuits, Three Phase Circuits.

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Lecture Notes On Electrical Circuits

This note describes the following topics: Three phase circuits, D.C and A.C Transient Analysis, Two port network parameters and Magnetic Circuits, Fourier Theorem, Filters And Digital Simulation Of Circuits.

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Digital Logic Circuits Lecture

This note introduces the student to the design of digital logic circuits, both combinational and sequential, and the design of digital systems in a hierarchical, top-down manner. Topics covered includes: Electronic devices and digital circuits, binary numbers, Boolean algebra and switching functions, gates and flipflops, combinational and sequential logic circuits, hierarchical design of digital systems, computeraided design tools for digital design, simulation and testing.

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Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits Lecture Notes

This note aims to convey a knowledge of advanced concepts of circuit design for digital VLSI components in state of the art MOS technologies. Topics covered includes: Impact of technology scaling,Transistor models,Delay models, Gate delays, Optimization for speed, CMOS logic styles, Differential and pass-transistor logic, Pass transistor and dynamic logic, Dynamic logic, Dynamic pass-transistor logic, Low power design, Voltage scaling, Dealing with leakage, Body bias, energy recovery, Power distribution, Adders, Multipliers, Asynchronous design, Clock distribution and generation, Latch design, Flash memory .

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Advanced Digital Signal Processing

This note covers the following topics: Digital processing of continuous-time signals, DFT and FFT, Digital filters, Multirate digital signal processing, Spectral estimation.

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Digital Signal Processing Lecture Notes by Dr K Srihari Rao

This note explains the following topics: DT Fourier Transform, Sampling, Time and Frequency Domain Analysis, Aliasing, The Nyquist Theorem, CT Signal Reconstruction, The Discrete Fourier Transform, Applications of the DFT, The z-Transform, DT Systems and the ZT, Analog Filter Design,IIR Filters and FIR Filters.

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Electric Circuits Theory and Applications

The book has grown out of the author's experience as a teacher and an electrical engineer. Topics covered includes: Calculation of Shout-circuit Currents in Networks, Transformer Impedance and Equivalent Circuits, Unbalanced Circuits, Transformers with Unbalanced Loading, Induction Motors on Unbalanced Voltages, The Short Transmission Line in the Steady State, General Circuit Constants, Transmission-line Charts, Synchronous-machine Charts.

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How to Design and Build Working Electronic Circuits

This note covers the following topics: Electronic Packaging, Specifications of Discrete Components, Power Supply Circuits, Understanding Op Amp Specifications, Single Supply Op Amp Circuits, Interfacing with Sensors, Interfacing with Actuators, Comparators and Analog-to-Digital Converters, Microprocessors, Communicating with a Computer, PCB Assembly and Testing.

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Electronics Lab Lecture Notes

This note focuses on practical application of theory and measurement techniques that will prepare the student for laboratory research. It starts with linear DC and AC circuits and familiarizes the student with standard measurement tools.

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Electronics Laboratory Notes by Dr Lynn Fuller

This note includes six experiments, most of which consist of simulation and hardware verification. Experiments are related to the following topics: Diode Characterization, MOSFET Characteristics, Current Source, Differential Amplifier, Two Stage MOSFET Op Amp and Frequency Response.

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Microcontroller Notes by Hirasugar Institute of Technology

This note covers the following topics: 8051 Microcontroller, Assembly programming and instruction of 8051, 8051 Programming using C, 8051 Serial Port Programming in Assembly And C, Interfacing 8051 to LCD .

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Introduction to Microcontrollers Lecture Notes

This note covers the followin topics: Cpr E 210, Embedded Programming, Real-time software, C Programming, Computer Architecture, Simplified Instruction Execution Cycle, PowerPC Assembly Language, I/O Subsystems, Interrupts, Periodic Interrupt Timer, MPC 555 Interrupt System.

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Lecture Notes on Power Electronics

This note covers the following topics: Thyristors, Static V-I Characteristics of SCR, TRIAC, GTO and IGBT, Turn-On and Turn-OFF Mechanism of SCR, Bipolar Transistors, Triggering and basics of driver circuits, 1-Phase Half and Full Wave Controlled Rectifier with various kinds of loads, Midpoint and Bridge type converters, Inverter Mode of Operation, DC-DC Converters, AC-AC Converters, Single phase AC Voltage regulators, Single-phase Half and Full bridge Inverter, Complementary Commutated Inverters.

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Lecture Notes On Power Electronics

This note explains the following topics: Power semiconductor devices and commutation circuits, Single phase and three phase controlled rectifiers, AC voltage controllers and Cycloconverters, DC DC converters and Inverters.

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Solid State Devices Handouts

This note covers the following topics: Geometry of Crystals, Elements of Quantum Mechanics, Solution of Schrodinger Equation, Energy Bands, Energy Bands in 3D Crystals, Density of States, Fermi-Dirac Statistics, Charge, field, potential, Donor or Acceptor, Equilibrium Statistics,Recombination-Generation, SRH formula, Surface Recombination, PN Junction Diode Electrostatics, I-V Characteristics, I-V Characteristics, BJT Nonideal effects , BJT Design, MOS-C Electrostatics.

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Solid State Electronic Devices Class notes

This note explains the following topics: Carrier Modeling, Carrier types and Carrier Properties, Types of Semiconductors, ACCEPTOR, DONORS and AMPHOTERIC atoms in III-V semiconductors, Carrier Densities, Carrier action motion, recombination and generation.

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Design of VLSI Circuits

This note introduces full custom integrated circuit design. Topics covered includes: CMOS processes, mask layout methods and design, rules, MOS transistor modeling, circuit characterization and performance estimation, design of combinational and sequential circuits and logic families, interconnects, several subsystems including adder.

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VLSI by Zhongfeng Wang

This book is intended to cover a wide range of VLSI design topics. The book can be roughly partitioned into four parts. Part I is mainly focused on algorithmic level and architectural level VLSI design and optimization for image and video signal processing systems. Part II addresses VLSI design optimizations for cryptography and error correction coding. Part III discusses general SoC design techniques as well as other application-specific VLSI design optimizations. The last part will cover generic nano-scale circuit-level design techniques.

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