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This section contains free e-books and guides on Chemical Engineering some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

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Chemical Engineering Design by Thomas Rodgers

This PDF covers the following topics related to Chemical Engineering Design : Material Balances, Classification of Process Operations, Simple Continuous Process, Reactive, Single Stage Processes, Processes with Recycle, Reactor Design, Mole Balance for Reactors, Mole Balance Applied to Plug Flow Reactor, Energy Balances, Energy, Energy balances on non-reacting systems, Energy balances involving chemical reactions, Conversion of Landfill Gas to Town’s Gas, Process Description, Design.

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Plant Design by King Abdulaziz University

This PDF Plant Design covers the following topics related to Chemical Engineering Design : Design Development Stages, Design Constraints, Flow-sheeting, Fundamentals of Material Balance, Choice of the system boundary, Equipment Sizing, General Procedure for Reactor Design, Types of Designs, Safety Factors.

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Chemical Process Dynamics and Controls II

This PDF Chemical Process Dynamics and Controls covers the following topics related to Chemical Process Technology : Dynamical Systems Analysis, Control Architectures, MIMO Control, Statistical Analysis for Chemical Process Control, Statistics and Probability Background, Design of Experiments.

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Chemical Technology by gateflix

This PDF covers the following topics related to Chemical Process Technology : Inorganic chemical industries (sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, chlor-alkali industry), fertilizers (Ammonia, Urea, SSP and TSP), natural products industries (Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Oil, and Fats), petroleum refining and petrochemicals, polymerization industries (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and polyester synthetic fibers).

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Chemical Reaction Engineering by Qazi Naved Ahmad

Objective of this note is to teach you the application of basic Chemical Engineering Principles to understand the chemical kinetics and reactor design.

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Chemical Reaction Engineering by SIST

The contents of this PDF are as follows : Basic Reaction Theory, Reactor Design for Single Reactions, Design of Multiple Reactors for Single Reactions, Design of Single and Multiple Reactors for Multiple Reactions, Non-isothermal Reactor Design.

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Introduction About Energy Resources

This PDF covers the following topics related to Energy Engineering : Introduction About Energy Resources, Solar Energy and Applications of Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Tidal and Geothermal Energy, Biomassenergy.

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Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering by University of Michigan

This page contains lecture notes from a typical Chemical Reaction Engineering class.The lectures are categorized into 3 different filetypes: Animated, Plain, and PDF. The page has notes for the following : Mole Balances, Conversion and Reactor Sizing, Rate Laws, Stoichiometry - Liquid systems, Stoichiometry - Gas systems, CRE Algorithm, California Exam Problems, Pressure Drop, Membrane Reactors, Semibatch, Analysis of Rate, Series Reactions, Complex Reaction, Non-elementary Rate Laws, Bioreactor, Biogrowth, Steps in a Catalytic Reaction, Reaction Mechanism - Chemical Vapor Deposition, Energy Balance, Adiabatic Reactors, Adiabatic CSTR, Heat Exchange in a PFR, Reversible Reactions, Reversible Gas Phase Reaction with Heat Effects, Reactor Staging, etc.

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An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

This PDF covers the following topics related to Fluid Mechanics : Fluids Mechanics and Fluid Properties, Forces in Static Fluids, Fluid Dynamics, Real Fluids, Dimensional Analysis.

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Lecture notes in fluid mechanics by CEA

This lecture notes has the following topics explained : Introduction, . Continuum hypothesis, Mathematical functions that define the fluid state, Limits of the continuum hypothesis, Closed set of equations for ideal fluids, Boundary conditions for ideal fluids, Introduction to nonlinear differential equations , Euler’s equations for incompressible ideal fluids , Potential flows for ideal fluids, Real fluids and Navier-Stokes equations, Boundary conditions for real fluids, Reynolds number and related properties, The millennium problem of the Clay Institute, Bounds and partial proofs, Fluid mechanics in relativistic Heavy-Ions collisions.

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Heat Transfer by IARE

The subject of heat transfer deals with the determination of the rate of heat transfer to or from a heat exchange equipment and also the temperature at any location in the device at any instant of time. The units explained in this notes are : Introductory Concepts and Basic Laws of Heat Transfer, Governing Equations of Conduction, One Dimensional Steady State Conduction, Transient Conduction, Basic Concepts of Convective Heat Transfer, Condensation & Boiling, Radiation Heat Transfer.

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Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow by NIT

The units explained in this notes are as follows : Modes and Laws of Heat Transfer, Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Fluid Flow.

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Advanced Mass Transfer igit

This PDF covers the following topics related to Advanced Mass Transfer : Molecular mass transport, Introduction to mass transfer, Properties of mixtures, Diffusion flux, Diffusivity, Steady state diffusion, Transient Diffusion, Convective Mass Transfer.

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Mass Transfer by NIT

The topics explained in this presentation are as follows : Introduction to Mass Transfer, Separation Process, Molecular Diffusion, Interphase Mass Transfer, Mass Transfer Coeeficeients, Gas Absorption, Gas Liquid Contacting Equipments, Distillation, Drying, Crystallisation.

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Materials Science and Technology by Sabar D. Hutagalung

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Materials Science and Technology : Advanced Materials and Processing, New Cements and Composite Materials Based on Them for Atomic Industry, Origin of Piezoelectricity on Langasite, Photolithography and Self-Aligned Subtractive and Additive Patterning of Conductive Materials, Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Polymer Composite Multi-Leaf Spring for Light Passenger Automobiles - A Review, Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Studies of Distortions, Residual Stresses and Hydrogen Diffusion During Laser Welding of As-Rolled Steels, Collagen - Modified Layered Silicate Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine of Bone Tissue, Tailored and Functionalized Magnetite Particles for Biomedical and Industrial Applications, Carbon Nanotubes – Imprinted Polymers: Hybrid Materials for Analytical Applications, Mechanism of Nano-Machining and Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructure, Novel Mechanochemical Process for Aqueous-Phase Synthesis of Superparamagnetic Magnetite Nanoparticles, Time Resolved Investigation of Fast Phase-Change Phenomena in Rewritable Optical Recording Media , Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of EuMoO4 Octahedron-Like Microcrystals, Plasma Switching by Laser Ablation, Rheological Method for Determining Molecular Weight and Molecular Weight Distribution.

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Materials Engineering and Metallurgy by Vssut

Materials Science is investigating relationships that exist between the structure and properties of materials. Materials Engineering - On the basis of these structure-property correlations, designing or engineering the structure of a material to produce a pre-determined set of properties. The units explained in this notes are : Introduction of Materials Science and Engineering, Solidification, Heat Treatment.

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Process Dynamic and Control by kau

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Process Dynamic and Control : What is process control, Terminologies, Types of control loops, Advantages of feedback control system, Cascade control system, Ratio control, Control symbols and signals, Line symbols , Design Methodology for Process Control, etc.

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Process Dynamics Control by CET

This lecture notes contains the following contents : Control System, Design Aspect of a Process Control System, Controller Principle, Control System Parameters, Pneumatic Signals, Continuous Controller Modes, Integral Control Mode, Derivative Controller, Integral Mode, Derivative Mode, Discontinuous Controller Mode, Floating Mode Controller, Composite Control Mode, Different Types of Actuators, Control System Components, Control Valve Sizing, Rules for Selecting Valve Characteristics, Introduction to Feed-back Control, Adaptive Control, Self Tuning Regulators, PLC.

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Process Instrumentation by candu

This lesson describes the instrumentation techniques and equipment used to measure, indicate and manipulate the basic process parameters in a typical industrial control environment. This PDF book covers the following topics related to Process Instrumentation : Introduction to Instrumentation Equipment, ISA Symbols, Pressure Instrumentation, Level Instrumentation, Flow Instrumentation, Temperature Instrumentation, Control Valves and Accessories.

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Instrumentation and Process Control by SIST

The contents in these notes are as follows : Instrumentation, Basic Concepts of Process Control, Linear Closed Loop Systems, Stability Analysis, Control Valves and Advanced control systems.

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Transport Phenomena iitk

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Transport Phenomena : Review of basic mathematical tools, Kinematics- Continuum hypothesis, Reference frames, General property balance equations- Continuity, Conservation of linear momentum, application to angular momentum, energy conservation equation, and equation of change for species, dimensional analysis, Momentum transport in laminar flow, Rayleigh Problem or Stoke’s First Problem, Unsteady-state flow in a tube, Flow in a permeable tube or bundles of hollow fiber, Heat and Mass transfer in laminar flow, Gratz-Nusselt Problem, Mass transfer in laminar flow, Steady-state diffusion through a stagnant gas film , Introduction to potential flow, laminar momentum boundary layers, Blasius flow over a flat plate, drag Thermal and concentration boundary layer theories, Basics of turbulence modelling, Convective mass transfer examples, Reduction of BL diffusion equation to heat conduction, CFD-based transport modelling of a CVD reactor.

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Notes on Transport Phenomena by Clarkson

The topics explained in this notes are as follows : Introduction to Vectors and Tensors, Continuity Equation, Kinematics of Fluid Motion, Navier-Stokes Equation, Procedure for Setting up Problems, Boundary Conditions, Example Problems in Fluid Flow, Mathematical Techniques: Solution of Partial Differential Equations, Scaling of Navier-Stokes Equation, Reynolds Number, Boundary Layer Theory, Introduction to Energy Transport, Graetz Problem and Lévêque Approximation, Thermal Boundary Layer, Buoyant Convection and Surface Tension Driven Flow, Introduction to Mass Transport, Simple Example Problems in Mass Transport, Film and Penetration Models.

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