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This section contains free e-books and guides on Electrical Engineering some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

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AC Machines by IARE

The contents of this lecture notes are as follows : Three Phase Induction Motor, Testing and Speed control of Induction machines, Synchronous generators, Synchronous motors, Single phase induction motor.

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Ac Machines and Power Systems by SIU

This sites has lecture notes and slideshows in topics as follows : Phasors and Complex Arithmetic, Review of Ac Analysis, Ac Power in Single Phase Circuits, Three Phase Sources and Loads, Power in Balanced Three Phase Systems, Mechanics for Motors and Generators, Power and Energy Measurement, Ideal Transformer Theory and Operation, Practical Transformer Model and Calculations, Transformer Performance and Operation, Transformer Name Plate Data and Connections, Parallel Transformers and Autotransformers, Three Phase Induction Motors, Induction Motor Model Example, NEMA Designs and Induction Motor Nameplate Data, Induction Motor Testing: Lock-Rotor and No-load Tests, Asynchronous Generators/Induction Generators, Synchronous Machines, Synchronous Motor Operation and Applications, Power Factor Correction Using Synchronous Motors, Alternator operation of synchronous Machines, Alternator Capabilities and Mechanical Power Control, Active Power Division Between Alternators, Synchronous Alternator Voltage Regulation.

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This note covers the following topics: Elementary Direct-Current Machine, Windings in Relative Motion, Voltage and Torque Equations, Basic Types of Direct-Current Machines,Separate Winding Excitation, Shunt-Connected DC Machine, Series-Connected DC Machine, Compound-Connected DC Machine, Actuators and Sensors in Mechatronics, Brushed DC Motors,Time-Domain Block Diagrams, State Equations, andTransfer Functions ,Elementary Approach to Permanent-Magnet, DC Motor Modeling, Control of DC Motors, Geared Systems, Optimum Gear Ratios, and Motor, Motor Selection Considerations.

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DC motors Gleb

DC power systems are not very common in the contemporary engineering practice. However, DC motors still have many practical applications, such automobile, aircraft, and portable electronics, in speed control applications. The topics in this lecture presentation are as follows : DC motors, The simplest DC machine, Commutation in a simple 4-loop DC machine, Problems with commutation in real DC machines, Solutions to the problems with commutation, Power flow and losses in DC machines, The losses in DC machines, The power-flow diagram, Equivalent circuit of a DC motor, Magnetization curve of a DC machine, Motor types: Separately excited and Shunt DC motors, Shunt motor, Motor types, Series motor, Cumulatively compounded motors: torque-speed characteristic, Differentially compounded motors: torque-speed characteristic, Compounded DC motor, DC motor starters.

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Solid State Electric Motor Drives by IARE

An Electric Drive can be defined as an electromechanical device for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy to impart motion to different machines and mechanisms for various kinds of process control. The contents in this lecture note include : Control of Dc Motors Through Phase Controlled Rectifiers, Speed Control of Dc Motors, Speed Control of Induction Motors Through Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency, Speed Control of Induction Motors Through Rotor Resistance and Vector Control, Speed Control of Synchronous Motors.

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Electric Drives And Control by SIST

An Electric Drive can be defined as an electromechanical device for converting electrical energy to mechanical energy to impart motion to different machines and mechanisms for various kinds of process control. The contents are as follows : Introduction, Basic Elements, Types of Electric Drives, Factors Influencing Electric Drives, Heating and Cooling Curves, Loading Conditions and Classes of Duty, Selection of Power Rating for Drive Motors With Regard to Thermal Overloading and Load Variation Factors, Load Equalization, Drive Motor Characteristics, Induction Motor Fed Drive, Three Phase Synchronous Motor Fed Drives, Drive Applications.

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Lecture Notes On Industrial Automation and Control IARE

This lecture notes contains contents as follows : Introduction to Industrial Automation and Control, Process Control, Programmable Logic Control Systems, Cnc Machines and Actuators, Electrical Machine Drives.

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Control System Engineering vssut

This lecture note includes the following contents : Introduction to Control system, Feedback Characteristics of Control systems and sensitivity measures, Control System Components, Time Domain Performance Analysis of Linear Control Systems, The Stability of Linear Control Systems , Root Locus Technique, Frequency Domain Analysis.

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Lecture Notes On Electrical Machines JBIET

This lecture notes contains contents as follows : Electromechanical Energy Conversion, Dc Generators, Dc Motors and Testing, Single Phase Transformers.

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Elements of Electrical Machines vssut

This notes holds contents in the following modules : D.C. Generator, D.C. Motor, Single phase Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, Three Phase alternators, Three-Phase Synchronous Motor, Three-Phase induction Motor, Single-Phase Induction Motor.

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Electrochemical Energy Systems by MIT

Topics covered in the lectures of the site are : Introduction, Basic Physics of Galvanic Cells, Electrochemical Energy Conversion, Electrochemical Energy Storage , Circuit Models, Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Transport Phenomena.

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Energy Distribution Systems by OSU

The topics of notes in this site are as follows : Overview of the Electrical Grid, Three-Phase Power Fundamentals, Power Transformers, Transmission Lines, Power Flow, High-Voltage DC Transmission, Fault Analysis, System Protection, Electrical Power Distribution.

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David Tong Lectures on Quantum Field Theory

The content in this site are as follows : Preliminaries, Classical Field Theory, Canonical Quantization, Interacting Fields, The Dirac Equation, Quantizing the Dirac Field, Quantum Electrodynamics.

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David Tong Lectures on Statistical Field Theory

The content in this site are as follows : From Spins to Fields, The Ising Model, Landau Mean Field Theory, Universality, Critical Exponents, Landau-Ginzburg Theory, Domain Walls, The Lower Critical Dimension, My First Path Integral, The Thermodynamic Free Energy (again); Correlation Functions, Correlation Length; The Upper Critical Dimension, The Analogy with Quantum Field Theory, The Renormalisation Group, The Big Idea, Universality Explained, Scaling Explained; Relevant, Irrelevant and Marginal; The Gaussian Fixed Point, Dangerously Irrelevant Operators, Interactions, Feynman Diagrams; the Epsilon Expansion, the Wilson-Fisher Fixed Point, A Sniff of Conformal Symmetry, Continuous Symmetry, The Importance of Symmetry, O(N) Models, Goldstone Bosons and Goldstone's Theorem, The Mermin-Wagner Theorem; Sigma Models, Background Fields, Large N, the Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition, Vortices, the Coulomb Gas, the Sine-Gordon Model, RG for KT and SG.

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Three phase induction motors JNTUK

The contents in this presentation are as follows : Starting of Three Phase Induction Motors, Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motors, Single Phase Induction Motor-Principle and Types.

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Induction Machines by IIT

This presentation holds the following contents : Construction, Three Phase Induction Machine, Rotating Magnetic Field, Graphical Method, Analytical Method, Rotating Magnetic Field (RMF) , Induced Voltages, Torque Production, Equivalent Circuit, Determination of Circuit Parameters, Approximate Equivalent Circuit, Torque - Slip Characteristics, Operating Point, Slip Ring Induction Machine, Speed Control.

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PLC Programming for Industrial Automation

A PLC is a microprocessor-based controller with multiple inputs and outputs. It uses a programmable memory to store instructions and carry out functions to control machines and processes. The book contains contents in topics as follows : Introduction, PLC Basics, Function of a PLC, Inputs and Outputs, PLC Architecture and Wiring Diagrams, Network Protocols, Ladder Programming, Sequential Programming.

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Advanced PLC programming methods by CVUT

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital computer designed to resist hard conditions of the industrial environment. It has been an integral part of factory automation and industrial process control for decades. They control a wide sort of applications from simple lighting functions to chemical processing plants. The book contains contents in topics as follows : Introduction, PLC and its control code, State-of-the-art PLC programming methods, Development instrument design, Implementation, Evaluation, Conclusion.

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Transformers by Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College

This book covers the following topics: Constructional features, Cooling of transformers, Ideal Transformer, Practical Transformer, Phasor diagrams, Testing of Transformers, Voltage Regulation.

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Introduction to Transformers by UCF

Transformers are used for modeling long dependencies between input sequence elements. This presentation contains the following contents : What is Transformer?, Self-Attention, Query, Key, Value, Position encoding, Encoder-Decoder.

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