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This section contains free e-books and guides on Mechanical Engineering some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

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Dynamics of Machinary

This note on Dynamics of Machinery covers the following topics: Precessions, Static and Dynamic Force Analysis of Planar Mechanisms, Friction in Machine Elements, Clutches, Brakes and Dynamometers, Turning Moment Diagram and Fly Wheels, Balancing, Vibration and Governor.

s201 Pages

Dynamics of Machines by Brindavan College

This PDF covers the following topics related to Dynamics of Machines : Static Force Analysis, Balancing of Rotating Masses, Gyroscope, Introduction and Free Vibration, Forced Vibration  or Single Degree of Freedom System.

s145 Pages

Lecture notes on Engineering Mechanics

This lecture note covers Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics, Equillibrium, Friction Centroid and moments of inertia, Simple Machines and Dynamics.

s151 Pages

Engineering Mechanics Statics

This PDF covers the following topics related to Engineering Mechanics Statics : Fundamental Concepts, Particles, Rigid Body Basics, Rigid Bodies, Trusses, Internal Forces, Inertia.

sNA Pages

Materials Engineering and Metallurgy

This PDF covers the following topics related to Engineering Metallurgy : Introduction of Materials Science and Engineering, Defects in Solids, Solidification, Nucleation, Nucleation, Heat Treatment.

s94 Pages

Metallurgical and Material Science

This PDF covers the following topics related to Engineering Metallurgy : Structure of metals, Crystallography, Miller indices, packing efficiency, Density calculations, Grains and grain boundaries, Effect of grain size on the properties, Determination of grain size by different methods,  Constitution of alloys, Necessity of alloying, Types of solid solutions, Hume- Rothery's rules, Intermediate alloy phases, Phase Diagrams, Engineering Materials, Steels, Cast Irons, Non-ferrous metals and alloys, Ceramics, Polymers and composites.

s293 Pages

Fluid Power Control by Ahmed Abu Hanieh

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Fluid Power Control : Fluid Power Industrial Applications, Fundamentals of Fluid Power, Modelling of Fluid Power Systems, Control of Fluid Power Systems, Mechatronics of Fluid Power Systems, Hydraulic Circuits Design and Analysis, Pneumatic Circuits Design and Analysis, Fluid Power Components, Oils and Piping of Hydraulic Systems, Maintenance of Fluid Power Systems.

s343 Pages

On Fluid Power Control by Birgitta Lantto

This PDF book covers the following topics related to Fluid Power Control : Introduction to Load-Sensing Systems, Steady State Analysis of Load-Sensing Systems, Introduction to the Dynamic Analysis of Load-Sensing Systems, Analysis of Supply Stability, Analysis of Load Stability, Analysis of Stability with Load Interaction through a Mechanical Structure, Conclusions.

s211 Pages

Lecture Notes on Gas Dynamics by University of Notre Dame

This note covers Introduction, Governing Equations, Thermodynamics Review, One Dimensional Compressible Flow, Steady Supersonic Two Dimensional Flow, Linearized Flow, Viscous Flow and Acoustics.

s164 Pages

Fundamental Concepts of Real Gasdynamics

This PDF book Fundamental Concepts of Real Gasdynamics covers the following topics related to Gas Dynamics : Thermodynamics of Gases, Governing Inviscid Equations for Equilibrium Flow, Discontinuities, One-dimensional Flows, Method of Characteristics, Kinematics, Non-equilibrium Flows.

s114 Pages

Industrial Robotics Programming,Simulation and Applications

This note covers a diverse array of topics in robotics and automation, covering everything from foundational sensor integration and torque sensing to advanced applications like computer vision and non contact error detection in industrial robots, From theoretical concepts like optimal motion planning to practical implementations in welding, material handling, and flexible manufacturing, each chapter offers insights into cutting edge technologies and their real world use, The book explores internet based service robotics, off line programming, and intelligent handling in various industries, showcasing the field's advancements and challenges.

s700 Pages

Design Optimization in Industrial Robotics

This PDF book Design Optimization in Industrial Robotics covers the following topics related to Industrial Robotics : Industrial robotics, Drive train design, Optimization, Design examples, Concluding remarks.

s81 Pages

Machine Design by mrcet

This note explain the following topics: Journal Bearings, Design of IC Engine Parts, Power Transmissions systems and Pulleys, Spur and helical Gear Drives and Power Screws.

s167 Pages

Lecture Notes on Design of Machine Element

This note covers the following topics: Design of Fastening Elements, Design of Shaft and Keys, Design of Coupling, Design of Closed Coil helical Spring.

s70 Pages

Mechatronics by Bhadrak Engineering school and Technology

This note covers Introduction to Mechatronics, Sensors and Transduces, Actuators Mechanical, Electrical, Programmable logic controllers, Elements of CNC Machines and Robotics.

s90 Pages

Industrial Mechatronics

This note covers the following topics: Mechatronics, Sensors and Transducers, Signal Conditioning, System Models.

s131 Pages

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning RAC

This note covers Engineering graphics, Psychrometry, Basic electricity and electric motor,Air conditioning equipments, Window air conditioner, Split air conditioner, Inverter split air conditioner, Heat load calculations, Special air conditioning applications, Refrigeration and Air conditioning controls and Transmission and distribution of air.

s143 Pages

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician

This note covers HVAC, Package AC, Central Air Conditioning System, Central AC Indirect or chilled, Mobile AC, Commercial Plant Maintenance.

s251 Pages