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This section contains books on core Engineering including, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Civil, Chemical, Aerospace and Mechanical engineering.

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Dynamics of Machines by NPTEL

This note covers the following topics: Dynamics of Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion, Spheric Motion of Symmetrical Bodies and Gyroscopic Effects in Machines, Dynamics of Rotating Bodies, Unbalance Effects and Balancing of Inertia Forces, Field Balancing and Balancing Machines, Dynamics of Rotating Bodies, Dynamics of Reciprocating Machines with Single Slider, Turning Moment Diagram for Engines and Speed Fluctuation, Speed Control By Governors, Dynamics of Governor Mechanisms, Vibration of Mechanical Systems, Free Undamped Vibration of Single Degree of Freedom Systems, Forced Vibration with Harmonic Excitation, Vibration of Two and Multidegree of Freedom Systems, Free Vibration of Elastic Bodies, Instruments for Dynamic Measurements.

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Dynamics of Machinery

This note covers the following topics: Precession, Gyroscopes, Effect Of Precession Motion on The Stability Of Moving Vehicles Such as Motor Car, Motor Cycle, Aero Planes and Ships, Static And Dynamic Force Analysis Of Planar Mechanisms, Friction, Clutches, Friction Clutches, Brakes and Dynamometers, Turning Moment Diagram and Fly Wheels, Governers, Balancing, Balancing of Reciprocating Masses, Vibration.

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Mechanics and Design

This note covers the following topics: Vectors and Tensors, Scalar Product and Vector Product, Stresses and Strains, Elastic Energy – Castigliano’s Theorem, Buckling, Elastic Stability, Finite Element Method: Truss Element, Beam Element, Plane Stress and Plane Strain, Iso-Parametric Formulation, Stress-Strain Relations: Plastic and Anisotropic Behavior, Idealizations of Stress-Strain Curves , Plastic and Anisotropic Behavior, Idealizations of Stress-Strain Curves, Fatigue Analysis and Design.

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Engineering Mechanics

This note explains the following topics: Basics of Statics, Analysis of Structures, Introduction to Friction, Geometry Dependent Properties, Energy Methods, Kinematics, Kinetics, Introduction to 3-D Kinematics,3-D Dynamics, Introduction to vibration.

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Engineering Materials And Metallurgy

Objective of this note is to impart Knowledge on the Structure, Properties, Treatment, Testing and applications of Metals and Non-metallic materials so as to identify and select suitable materials for various engineering applications. Topics covered includes: Constitution Of Alloys And Phase Diagrams, Heat Treatment, Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metals, Non-metallic Materials, Mechanical Properties and Testing.

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Physical Metallurgy Lecture Notes

The central point of this note is to provide a physical basis that links the structure of materials with their properties, focusing primarily on metals. Topics covered includes: Basic crystallography, Crystal shear stress and yielding, Burgers' vector, Dislocation energy, Dislocation interactions, Crystal structures and their slip systems, Applying stress, Twinning, Heating metals, Steel properties, Nanocrystalline metals.

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Fluid Power Control

Fluid power plays an important role in industry. Various aspects of Fluid power are covered in this note which starts with emphasis on fluid mechanics and governing laws. Then, pumps and motors are discussed while elucidating the effect of cavitation and noise. Topics covered includes: oil hydraulics and pneumatics, luids for hydraulic systems, Hydraulic actuators, Proportional control valves and servo valves, Components of pneumatic systems.

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Fluid Power Control Lecture Notes

This note explains the following topics: Fluid Power Fundamentals, Bernoulli's Equation, Flow Control Valves, Direct and Pilot Operated Relief Valves, Hydraulic Circuits, Flow Control Circuits, Check and Pilot to Open Check, Flow divider or combiner; Roles of Hydraulic Fluid, Viscosity, Fluid Properties: Bulk Modulus, Fluid Inertia, Hydraulic Pumps, Power Steering Valve, Pump Classification, Hydrostatic Transmissions and Transformers, Electrohydraulics, Control design, feedback, P-control and P-I control.

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Lecture Notes On Gas Dynamics

This note covers the following topics: Governing equations, Conservation axioms, Thermodynamics review, One-dimensional compressible flow, Steady supersonic two-dimensional flow , Linear flow analysis, Viscous flow and Acoustics.

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Aerodynamics Lecture Slides

This note explains the following topics: Compressible flow, Zeroth law of thermodynamics, First law of thermodynamics, Second law of thermodynamics, Adiabatic, reversible process, The free energy and free enthalpy, Entropy and real gas flows, Conservation of mass, Eulers equation, Momentum equation, Isentropic condition, Bernoulli equation, Shock relations for perfect gas, Nozzle flow, Normal shock recovery, Waves in supersonic flow, Oblique shocks, Supersonic compression by turning, Detached shocks, Shock-expansion theory, Reflection and intersection of oblique shocks, Cones in supersonic flow, Derivation of perturbation equation, Irrotational flow.

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Introduction to Robotics Lecture Notes

This note provides an overview of robot mechanisms, dynamics, and intelligent controls. Topics covered includes: planar and spatial kinematics, and motion planning, mechanism design for manipulators and mobile robots, multi-rigid-body dynamics, 3D graphic simulation, control design, actuators, and sensors, wireless networking, task modeling, human-machine interface, and embedded software.

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Robotics Lecture Notes

This note deals with two major components: robot manipulators and image processing. Topics covered includes: Manipulator kinematic configurations and the robot work space, Manipulator specifications and criteria for selection, Task primitives and programming, Determining path trajectories, Static forces and their control, Manipulator dynamics, Manipulator control, Manipulator peripherals, Sensor integration.

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Design of Machine Elements

This note covers the following topics: Fundamentals of machine design, Stresses in machine elements, Design for Strength, Fasteners, Couplings, Power Screws, Design of Springs, Design of Shaft, Thin and thick cylinders,Design of , Permanent Joints, Design of Joints for Special Loading, Design of brakes,Belt drives and Brief overview of bearings.

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Computer Aided Design

This note explains the following topics: Introduction to CAD, Geometric Modeling System, Euler operator, Computer Graphics, Matrix Transforamtion, D graphics and Open GL, OpenGL Programming, OpenGL Programming with MFC, Non-manifold Modeling System, Parasolid Data Structure, Parasolid Euler Operators, SolidWorks API , Introduction of Parasolid, Parasolid, D Scanning, Curves, B-spline Curve, Surfaces.

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Mechatronics and Manufacturing Automation

This note covers the following topics: Sensors and signal processing, Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs), Drives and Mechanisms, Hydraulic Systems, Pneumaric Systems, CNC Programming and Industrial Robotics.

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Mechatronics Lecture Notes

This note covers the following topics: Passive Electronics, Active Electronics, Analog Interfacing, Boolean Algebra, Digital Interfacing, Data Storage Elements, A/D Conversion, Sensors and Actuators, Position and Velocity Measurements, DC Motors, DC Motor Gearing and Control, Stepper Motors, Data Transfer.

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A Course Material On Power Plant Engineering

Objective of this note is to provide an overview of Power Plants and detailing the role of Mechanical Engineers in their operation and maintenance. Topics covered includes: Coal Based Thermal Power Plants, Diesel, Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, Power From Renewable Energy, Energy, Economic and Environmental Issues of Power Plants.

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Notes On The Hydraulics Of Hydropower Plants

This note covers the following topics: Hydropower Plants: Terminology, Steady State, Intakes, Fish Ladders and Head Losses, Head Loss in Valves, Trash Rack, Low Head Run of River Plant, Regulation of Discharge, Unsteady Flow, Unsteady Flow, Large Hydropower Plants, Small Hydropower Plants, Pelton Turbines and Francis Turbines.

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lectures

This note covers the following topics: Recapitulation of Thermodynamics, Air Refrigeration Cycle, Joule Brayton Cycle, Bell Coloman cycle, Unit of Refrigeration, Aircraft Refrigeration Cycles, Vapour Compression Cycle, Actual Vapour Compression Cycle.

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Fundamentals of Refrigeration

This note covers the following topics: Methods of Refrigeration, Dry ice refrigeration , Air expansion refrigeration, Liquid gas refrigeration, Refrigeration Equipment, Refrigeration Application, Fundamental of Air Conditioning, Air - Conditioning Equipment, Air - Condition Application, Servicing and Maintanance of Refrigeration and Air - Conditioning Equipment.

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